Hop Harbor (Full Tilt Brewing)

Full Tilt has just released a new Imperial IPA, Hop Harbor. The beer is able to succeed because of the bold flavor profile that it possesses. While the hop flavors come into focus at the end of each sip, there is a considerable smoothness that runs through the entirety of the beer; Full Tilt’s effort here is something that will appease those that are fans of IPAs and would like to go into higher-octane iterations of the india pale ale style. Hop Harbor pours with a golden brown coloration and a decent amount of head that is definitely tenacious; it laces its way down the bottle. Continue reading “Hop Harbor (Full Tilt Brewing)”

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Full Sail has released their Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, a beer that pours with an extremely dark brown (nearing black) coloration. There is a small amount of light brown / tan head that sits on top of the bottle. The initial nose of the imperial stout blends together a nice sweetness with a more astringent bourbon flavor. As one takes their initial sip of Full Sail’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, a wide amount of flavors are presented to imbibers. This means that molasses, a whiskey type of burn, bits of hops and malts can all be found. Vanilla and spice come and go at points here as the beer straddles the line between meaty and thick and thinner and boozy; Full Sail’s latest rarity has ample twists and turns for everyone. Continue reading “Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout”

Vinyl Williams Releases “Into” 7/24

Vinyl Williams is the moniker of Lionel Williams, 25 year old Los Angeles based artist and experimental-pop musician.  ‘Into’, his startlingly accomplished second album, effortlessly fuses psych, krautrock, ambient and shoegaze into a transcendental whole. Continue reading “Vinyl Williams Releases “Into” 7/24″

The Human Centipede III Final Sequence

Bully prison warden Bill Boss (The Human Centipede Part I’s Dieter Laser) has a lot of problems; prison riots, medical costs, staff turnover, but foremost he is unable to get the respect he thinks he deserves from his inmates and the state Governor (Eric Roberts). He constantly fails in experimenting with different ideas for the ideal punishment to get the inmates in line, which drives him completely insane. Under threats of termination by the Governor, his loyal right hand man Dwight (The Human Centipede Part II’s Laurence R Harvey) comes up with a brilliant idea. An idea based on the notorious Human Centipede movies, that will literally and figuratively get the inmates on their knees, creating the ultimate punishment and deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime.  Continue reading “The Human Centipede III Final Sequence”

Audrey Cher Releases Latest Track “Follow You”

Audrey Cher is a singer/ songwriter and artist, whose music has been tagged as soul-inspiring and uplifting. “There is a place where rivers flow and there is healing for my soul, I want to rest in your presence. Where you lead me, I will Follow, I will Follow You.” Continue reading “Audrey Cher Releases Latest Track “Follow You””

Women’s Health Benefits with Sport

Women are leading busier and more hectic lifestyles and subsequently many women may find it difficult to keep fit. However, there are many different, and unique ways of keeping fit, which is quite reassuring in a world where we are often dominated by the run of the mill sports to help keep on top of our health.

Muay Thai is a kickboxing sport, and it has rich historical roots tracing back to ancient wars between Burma and Siam ( now known as Thailand).

This amazing combat sport is increasing in its popularity thanks to the health benefits that it can present to women. The great thing about this type of Muay Thai, is that works to strengthen both body and mind.

Physically, Muay Thai presents an amazing array of health benefits and is a fantastic way to lose weight. In Fact, it improves cardiovascular which helps to burn fat and really targets problem areas through the use of the limbs and the abdomen.

The benefits don’t stop there and you will soon discover that it is fantastic  for both body tone and shape. This means that it can help to make your body look and feel firmer and the calories that could potentially be burned in one session, is quite staggering – this only demonstrates the effectiveness of the sport in terms of overall health.

Muay Thai can be in incredibly therapeutic for women and can really help relieve bouts of stress, or depression.

However Muay Thai also helps to improve the agility of the mind and subsequently it can enhance both focus and clarity. These two important elements are incredibly positive and can help women to improve overall health.

The fact that women are increasingly travelling to Thailand to train at one of the Muay Thai training camps means that the effectiveness on women’s health cannot be denied. Naturally, travelling to Thailand which is is an incredibly beautiful country, means that women have realized that they can combine a holiday with their training. Thailand of course is the ultimate place to travel to train for this invigorating sport, because it’s Muay Thai’s country of origin.

Whilst it is positive for weight loss, it is important to remember all the other additional health benefits such as improved organ function and physical agility – it is a brilliant and unique way to help improve fitness because it also requires an element of discipline which is another contributing factor to being committed to improving overall health and aiding weight loss such as Muaythai-Thailand 2015-04-06 news.

There are many Muay Thai camps in Thailand and there will be many other women who have travelled to the country to train at one of the camps – this means of course that it a fantastic way to meet other women and be involved with a sport which will have a positive effect on both physical and mental health.

It is recommended that you chose a camp in a part of Thailand that you would like to explore. It is such a diverse and unique country, and there is so much to see and do!

PsycHOPathy IPA (MadTree Brewing)

PsycHOPathy is an India Pale Ale created by Cincinnati’s Madtree Brewing. The beer pours with a yellow-gold coloration and a small amount of off-white head that provides lacing as one continues to sip. The initial nose of PsycHOPathy provides hints of grass and wheat with a small amount of hop twang. The beer is incredibly balanced, pushing forward a strong bitter element and enough sweetness to vary the overall constellation of flavors that are present. There is a mild malt flavor here that establishes a middle ground for the beer, rendering the finished effort refreshing while deep and intricate; experienced imbibers will be able to finish off a few cans, finding a number of twists and turns along their way. Continue reading “PsycHOPathy IPA (MadTree Brewing)”

Black IPA (Santa Fe Brewing Company)

Santa Fe Brewing’s Black IPA pours with an extremely dark brown coloration and a thick, foamy off-white head. The beer’s initial nose provides imbibers with hints of malt and grain with only a small amount of hop bitterness. This Black IPA has a creamy body that allows a strong hop element to exist at the end of each sip. By having such a wide array of flavors, Santa Fe’s Black IPA is able to obfuscate a decent alcohol content (7.1%). There is a roasted flavor here that provides further depth to this effort; by touching upon the sweet, smoky, bitter, and malty elements, the Santa Fe Black IPA is able to stay fresh and interesting from the beginning to the end of the beer. Continue reading “Black IPA (Santa Fe Brewing Company)”

Ferni Afterburn EP

Wonderful is a tremendously soulful effort on the latest album by Ferni, Afterburn; the track is one that needs little more than a piano and a strong set of vocals to succeed. The two elements combine to create something that would work well on pop radio (taking a similar tack to Sam Smith and Charlie Puth) as well as appeasing those that want something deeper and more intricate with their music. The gradual progression present in Wonderful ensures that listeners will be on the edges of their seats from beginning to end. Continue reading “Ferni Afterburn EP”