Velvet Lane Sitting on the Fence CD Review

Babe that Boasts is the first track on Velvet Lane’s latest album, Sitting on the Fence. The track ties together the psychedelic rock of the late sixties and early seventies with mid-nineties alternative (Happy Mondays, Oasis); what results is a track that is tremendously infectious. Continue reading “Velvet Lane Sitting on the Fence CD Review”

Whorrifick l.o.l. Single Review

Whorrifick creates a flow in his “l.o.l.” single that is more beat poetry and Gil Scott-Heron than it represents current sorts of rap music. The instrumentation utilized in this track ties together electronic and industrial styles, intruding just enough to highlight specific lines and phrases. Continue reading “Whorrifick l.o.l. Single Review”

Inspekta Jump Jump Single Review

Inspekta’s Jump Jump is a track that touches upon the trap and electrified-rap style of Juicy J; Inspekta’s flow here is dark, dingy, and dirty. This means that there are hints of Gravediggaz and Bone Thugs n Harmony that can be discerned, but with a cleanness to the arrangement that will garner radio play for the track. Continue reading “Inspekta Jump Jump Single Review”

Matthew Charles Roam CD Review

Nothing’s Out Of Reach is the first track on Matthew Charles’ Roam and it ties together Crimpshrine, Defiance, Ohio and hints of Against Me! into a frenetic track that straddles the line between folk and punk. While this introductory track is only a hair above two minutes, there simply is a lot of material for listeners to digest. As a result, the energy that listeners have when they move into Reliance is high. Reliance has little more to the track than guitars and a bit of jangliness, but the sheer passion of Charles’ vocals and the backing singers here will tattoo the melodies created by this effort deep into the minds of listeners. Continue reading “Matthew Charles Roam CD Review”

Ian and the Dream California Cauliflower CD Review

Girl From California is a feel-good sort of pop-rock that takes equal parts seventies rock, funk, soul, and an easy-going sound and makes them something that will work on current radio stations. The infectious harmonies created by Ian and the Dream will stick with listeners long after their album has ceased; this is one of the first albums that we have heard in 2015 that makes it seem as if summer is coming and that cold Ohio nights may be in the real-view. Continue reading “Ian and the Dream California Cauliflower CD Review”

Phenteus Evidence Review

Woman Clothed with the Sun is a track that tells more with an instrumental arrangements than most bands can do with four members and an entire page of song lyrics. There are nods to the organic and the electronic throughout the entirety of this album, which takes an epic turn with Apocalypse. The track possesses a very deliberate beat, which is fleshed out with strings and atmospheric soundscapes into something that simultaneously calls comparisons to wide-open spaces, a dark and dingy industrial area, and a well-lit opera. The ability of Phenteus to create such intricate compositions in the space of four minutes is simply unparalleled and as such, represents another strength to his latest EP. Continue reading “Phenteus Evidence Review”

Mittenfields – Optimists

D.C.’s Mittenfields have been pretty under the radar since the release of their 2011 EP, The Fresh Sum, but rather than just taking it easy, it seems the five-piece have spent the time evolving their sound from simple indie rock, drawing in influences like shoegaze and noise pop. The result can be heard all throughout their solid debut full length, Optimists. Continue reading “Mittenfields – Optimists”

Heaven Adores You Review


Heaven Adores You is a captivating documentary detailing the life and musical career of songwriter Elliott Smith up until his untimely demise in 2003. Continue reading “Heaven Adores You Review”