Feenix Dimora Mouse Pad

There are a wide variety of different mouse pads that are currently on the market but a great many of these mouse pads are not done with any sort of rigid quality control or other concern for the ergonomics of those that are using it. The Feenix Dimora mouse pad is the first that we have received that does not try to be cute or otherwise design things in a purely visual way. This means that the Feenix Dimora is designed with a very classic look in mind taking a square pad and embellishing it to work perfectly on any sort of gaming or desktop rig. Continue reading “Feenix Dimora Mouse Pad”

IPA (Caldera Brewing)

Caldera has created an IPA that pours with a brownish-orange and possesses a nose that does not provide much of an indication where the beer will ultimately take imbibers. The initial sip will fill in some of these gaps, with light amount of floral notes and a bold hop element. There is a smaller amount of sweetness that can be discerned towards the end of each sip. As Caldera’s IPA continues to warm, there is more of a malt element that becomes prevalent. Continue reading “IPA (Caldera Brewing)”

Reggae Funzee

There is a good chance that winter is here to stay. As the months continue to pass winter will soon hit, so finding a reputable and comfortable pair of pajamas for the weather is essential. Funzees come in a wide variety of colors and designs meaning that a child or adult of all ages, sizes, and shapes will be able to find something that will match their whims perfectly. We were lucky enough to receive a Rasta colored Funzee; the overall comfort level and vibrancy of the Funzee made for one happy reviewer. The vibrancy of the print on the Reggae Funzee does not decrease over the course of multiple washings while the stitching holds up throughout repeat wearing and general sorts of activity (moving around). Continue reading “Reggae Funzee”

Allyson Murrell Inspiration CD Review

All That You’ve Got is a track on Allyson Murrell’s Inspiration that could work equally well in pop and dance stations; there is a crispness to the track’s arrangements that would make it an easy sell for radio rotation. The unity of the electronic instrumentation and the organic, vibrant vocals make for a track that will resound loudly in listeners’ ears long after the track has ceased. Continue reading “Allyson Murrell Inspiration CD Review”

BACtrack Vio Review

27There is really no way besides simply calculating based on one’s way the level of intoxication that they currently are at after a few drinks. The math is arcane and one has a variety of mitigating and exacerbating factors that could modify this BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level from what the calculations would indicate. Continue reading “BACtrack Vio Review”

Vlesg Solid State Hi Fi CD Review

Vlesg’s Solid State Hi Fi begins with Enigma, a track that links together organic and electronic elements into a track that touches upon a wide variety of composers and genres. This means that there are hints of trip-hop, ethereal, and world music genres. The track is linked delicately to the classical music tradition, a move that ensures that the widest possible swath of listeners will find something that they can appreciate from this introductory track. Syncmatic contains the same strong strings as Enigma and allows Vlesg to take the track into a much more dark techno / industrial / EDM feeling that feels just as much at home in the eighties, nineties, or later decades – there are simply enough twists and turns presented in this compositions to have listeners on the edges of their seats. Continue reading “Vlesg Solid State Hi Fi CD Review”

Kindest Find (Imperial Red Ale)

Smuttynose’s latest effort in their Big Beer Series, Kindest Find, pours with a dark red coloration and a light brown/tannish head that laces its way down the glass. The 9.0% ABV is hidden well here, where there is a deft blend of hops and malt that make for something that bursts with flavor. There are hints of dark fruits and roasted malt that are moderated by a strong hop flavor. The hops in Kindest Find pop with citrus and piney notes, adding a further level of complexity to the beer. Continue reading “Kindest Find (Imperial Red Ale)”

Forte High Protein Gelato

There is a sense amongst bodybuilders and those concerned with a protein-heavy diet that the sweets that they liked would not be available to them during a cutting phase. Forte has created a set of different gelato flavors that contain a large amount of protein while possessing all of the rich flavors that one would crave. The ginger actually comes forth with a strong flavor, which goes beyond what one typically receives when they buy a ginger-flavored sweet, while the espresso flavor is a deft blend of the rich coffee flavor with hints of stout and chocolate present at points.  Continue reading “Forte High Protein Gelato”

Joi Noir Self-Titled CD Review

Asphodel is the first track that many well hear from Joi Noir, and it is a hell of a how do you do; the track is able to take up the goth, new romantic, and girl-rock (Bangles, Runaways) styles of the late seventies and the early eighties. Rather than merely looking back, there is a vitality that the band creates that makes each of the tracks on this self-titled album shine in the current era. Cake (The Queen is Dead) is the first single by the band, and it builds off of the work of Bauhaus and Three Imaginary Boys-era The Cure. The song tattoos its sultry melodies deep into the psyche of listeners, while the confident and intense vocals heard here utilize the Sisters of Mercy and 45 Grave as a blueprint. Continue reading “Joi Noir Self-Titled CD Review”

City Barbeque (Columbus, Ohio)

We visited the City Barbeque in the Polaris area (8491 Sancus Blvd, Columbus, OH) a few days back and had a stellar meal. The company has a number of distinct menu options to ensure that individuals have a meal that will far outstrip the offerings of any other fast-food or sit-down restaurant around. Continue reading “City Barbeque (Columbus, Ohio)”