Galliano Sommavilla – 365 (Original Song … A Day… For A Year): Volume 13 ‘Favourites’

Galliano Sommavilla has created a song a day for 365 days, creating a number of albums from the constituent compositions. We have received the 13th volume, which begins with day 352. The track is a smooth bit of new world music that links together traditional (piano) and electronic elements. The effort succeeds as it provides listeners with a cogent narrative crafted through the interaction of the various instruments. The ultimate effect of this opening composition is that listeners will be interested in continuing with the album. Continue reading “Galliano Sommavilla – 365 (Original Song … A Day… For A Year): Volume 13 ‘Favourites’”

Ashaneen Waves of Life CD Review

“First Wave” is a richly emotive composition that is able to provide listeners with a compelling narrative without possessing any traditional form of vocal accompaniment. The bold strokes that are taken on the onset of Waves of Life ensure that listeners are on the edges of their seats from the onset. The six-minute run time of this initial composition provides Ashaneen with ample space to express the different twists and turns that will await listeners through the eleven cuts on the title. Continue reading “Ashaneen Waves of Life CD Review”

How to Choose Your Wedding Palette

When it comes to the aesthetics of your wedding day, the first decision you really need to make is what your color scheme is going to be. This can drive all kinds of decisions, including even early ones like invitation stationery, so you want to start thinking about it nice and early, so anything you pick up for the wedding between making your decision and the big day will be in keeping with the eventual color theme. Continue reading “How to Choose Your Wedding Palette”

Magnificent Birds of Prey Kaleidoscope CD Review

Sticks and Stones comes with a heavy, trippy take on rock music that links together sixties and seventies rock into something sludgy and brilliant. Writing Everything Away is more contemplative and introspective, sending listeners on a journey with deftly-arranged guitar work that bridges America to Zappa, while Seven takes a raucous blend of Thin Lizzy and seventies Detroit music and whips them into an emotional fury. Continue reading “Magnificent Birds of Prey Kaleidoscope CD Review”

Key Ways to Improve Efficiency in Shipping and Receiving Departments

Working in the shipping and receiving department of any company can be totally overwhelming. However, if you are the departmental manager of a large company that sends and receives huge shipments daily, you are probably looking for some key ways to improve efficiency in your department. Here are some suggestions that may make your job so much easier, and certainly a whole lot more organised. Continue reading “Key Ways to Improve Efficiency in Shipping and Receiving Departments”

Fort George 3-Way IPA (2015)

The 3-Way IPA possesses a hazy orange color and a small amount of head that sits on the top of the beer as one continues their experience; the initial nose clues individuals into the heavy hop presence that marks all facets of this collaborative effort. The beer has a good amount of citrus flavors, mixing up equal amounts lemon, orange, and hints of apricot into the front-end while back-loading a serious hop wallop (the 3-Way ties together Meridian, Citra, Equinox, and Simcoe varieties). The hoppiness of this India pale ale continually refreshes an imbiber’s palette, meaning that each subsequent pull of 3-Way has the potential to move in countless directions. The slight sweetness that pokes out amongst the 3-Way IPA adds further depth to the effort, while later pulls allow for hints of malt and grain the ability to shine. Continue reading “Fort George 3-Way IPA (2015)”

Bunnygrunt – Vol. 4 (Vinyl)

While the band and label are still opting to describe Bunnygrunt as “Cuddlecore,” I think Power Pop does just fine here as a descriptor. The latest from the St. Louis band, Vol. 4, their sixth album, is brimming with infectiously addictive songs that span anywhere from one-to- seven minutes, but the band really excels when focusing on three-minute sing-alongs like “The Book That I Wrote” and “Frankie is a Killer,” jangly guitars, pounding drums and male/female vocals trade-offs. Continue reading “Bunnygrunt – Vol. 4 (Vinyl)”