Apademik The Disciple Ft. Juicy J Skinny Model Single Review

Apademik The Disciple has created a track in Skinny model that deftly blends club-friendly dance with a high amount of energy to create something that will rocket up the charts when the track is released on July 14th. The inclusion of Juicy J to the track provides additional depth to this already fulfilling production. There are hints of Duke Dumont, Matt Zo, 3Lau and Zedd that are presented here, with Apademik The Disciple pushing things to a whole new plateau with laser-quick shifts through genres and styles. The rising momentum that begins the composition ensures that listeners will be excited from the onset, while the multiple vocals present on Skinny Model add a sparkling veneer on an already-shiny set of synths.


At all points during Skinny Model, there is a smart hand controlling each note, vocal, and interaction between the two. What results is something that is absolutely at home no matter what the club’s clientele would indicate. The production is clear, crisp, and allows each constituent element the space to shine brightly; the distinct elements to the mix represent an entirely new way to think about the intersection of pop, rap, R&B, and electronic dance music.

The track is short (2:32) which provides a further emphasis to the contribution; listeners will be clamoring for a second or third play through by the end of the night. Make it a point to check out Skinny Model for a look into what may just be the hottest track of the summer. Check out Apademik The Disciple’s website for additional information about this producer and DJ, samples of music, and further news about the latest compositions and other pieces of media coverage that he has garnered in the last six years.

Rating: 9.0/10

Apademik The Disciple Ft. Juicy J Skinny Model Single Review / 2015 GoodNightmare Records / 1 Track / www.apademik.net / www.GoodNightmarerecords.com /

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