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Jvleel is a rapper from the southwest side of Detroit. How does your experience compare to that of other famous rappers? What sort of experiences do you have growing up in Detroit that are unique to those that live in the city?


I believe my experiences that I have gone through compare to other famous rappers because I have to prove myself just like they once did and I feel I have the hunger to make it like they did before they made it. I think my experiences growing up with nothing having to learn all aspects of this music from making beats, to learning how to mix, to making my own acoustics, I had to learn all of that because I didn’t have the means to not do it myself, what makes all of this unique is that most artist don’t come from that same struggle and then still have the will to keep pushing even when you have no way (I made a way).

Stitchery is your latest single. Can you go into detail about the steps that you took from the initial thought about the song to the finished product?

I usually sit and think of melodies for my production, but when I made Stichery it was like every instrument for was already in my head it just flowed almost as if it produced itself. The writing process was just as easy because I just can look around and see tons of Stichery going on lol. I wanted to make a catchy instrumental but at the same time leave a message within the song; from start to completely finished product it took me 2 days to complete the song.

Take a critical eye to your music for a moment. What sort of things do you want to do in a future track that you were unable to do with Stitchery?

I am really hard on myself and I feel I can make better quality recordings from the vocals to the mixing just having it be perfect without any flaws, I sometimes listen to Stichery and wish I would have done a few sounds different here and there, but it came out good considering it took me 2 days to finish.

What role does alcohol and marijuana have for the creative process? Is there a fine line between inspiration and inebriation?

I don’t drink unless it’s the holidays and as far as weed goes I wouldn’t say that it does either inspire or inebriate because music is always on my mind sometimes I just daydream about different concepts for music, it’s naturally in me I love this shit.

Of all artists past and present, who would you pick for a dream collaboration?


What does the rest of 2015 hold for you? What goals do you want to accomplish in the next year or five years?

My album will be out the third week of June and then I will drop an EP later this year, I will have some songs on the Hard Head Entertainment collaboration album We Don’t Listen, I’ll be featured on some of Medicated Mitch stuff and Uno stuff and dropping freestyles over radio hits sporadically and probably a mixtape (maybe 2). I want to be a rising problem within the next year in the music industry and in 5 I will be established and making consistent hits. Also I will start dropping videos as well 2015 is going to be busy but I’m not afraid to go hard.

How can interested readers purchase their own copy of Stitchery, and where should they go if they want to find the latest news about Jvleel?

People can purchase Stichery from iTunes, Google play, Amazon and all other digital download providers, also they can stream it on any digital streaming service Spotify, Beats Music, Rhapsody and all other streaming services. For the latest news about what’s going on with me check out my twitter @jvleel, the label twitter @hardheadedent1, my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Jalee1, the label Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hardheadedent1 or check out the website hardheadedent.com

Thank you so much for your time. Do you have anything else you would like to say to NeuFutur Magazine?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity for this interview and everyone check out my album Most High when it drops spread the word to all your friends and family about me. Shout out to Southwest Detroit, my family and Hard Head Entertainment. It’s got to be my time!

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