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Medicated Mitch is a Detroit-area rapper that has been able to thrive in a time where news stories are de rigueur about the predatory behaviors of Detroit administrators at a point where the city’s infrastructure is crumbling. While there are a number of groups and individuals attempting to stave off this decline, Medicated Mitch contributes to the cultural renaissance with his own inimitable form of rap music. Creating the persona after hearing Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt on cassette years back, Medicated Mitch possesses considerable experience. Few individuals follow up upon the dreams they have while they are a child, but Medicated Mitch’s first raps (written at 9 and 10 years old) present an early foundation upon which the constituent tracks on Heavily Sedated are built. The struggle has been real for Medicated Mitch, but that has never been an excuse. Rather than sitting at home and complaining about the lack of a studio / recording time, he would record raps on a cell phone. When he had exhausted this method, Medicated Mitch educated himself and used the funds to purchase gear that would allow him to unfurl his creative wings.

Heavily Sedated is a rare example of an album that speaks from the heart while allowing Medicated Mitch to cultivate a gruff exterior. The album possesses a number of twists and turns that tell a full story, remaining strong musically and lyrically in an era where artists are focused more on a few singles than a cogent expression of their thoughts, influences, and desires. Medicated Mitch has the skill and ability to tie all of these disparate elements up into a cogent release that bangs from beginning to end.

Heavily Sedated is the first step for a rapper that has already started to garner national attention. Few listeners are able to listen to a rapper before he has already gained national airplay; check out Heavily Sedated to hear someone that is on the cusp of exploding and getting that sort of airplay that few artists can conceive.

Individuals that wish to listen to samples from Heavily Sedated can do so on all digital streaming services (Spotify, Beats, Tidal) while a quick visit to Medicated Mitch’s social media profile pages will keep one up to date about the latest tracks and information. Check out our previous coverage; we reviewed Medicated Mitch’s Heavily Sedated and have conducted an interview with the rapper.

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  1. I am a person who is from the old school era really never listened to rap but. Medicated mitch has a nice beat I finish day myself singing it all the time

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