The Real McKenzies – Rats in the Burlap Review

It’s been 23 years and 10 records since The Real McKenzies first start out, so there are no surprises here; at this point you know what you’re getting with these Scotch/Canadian punk rockers. It’s been three years since their last record and with another lineup change, but the band still sounds just as solid as they did with their 1995 debut.91exfoHYukL._SL1500_ The group crams 14 songs onto Rats in the Burlap, by sticking to a lightning fast riffs, machine gun drumming, plenty of pipes and a three-minute max time limit for each song.

Unlike many of their Celtic Punk peers who tend to get weighted down in often preachy political and social themes, the Real McKenzies are the fun drunks at the party, best highlighted here by the track “Bootsy The Haggis-Eating Cat.”

Fill the whiskey glasses and prepare to listen to this one loud.

The Real McKenzies – Rats in the Burlap/14 tracks/Fat Wreck Chords


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