Bitten: the Complete Second Season DVD Set

It would be easy to dismiss Bitten as yet another cable series piggybacking off of the True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf formula. Much like those other shows, it is populated by impossibly pretty small town folk who just happen, in the case of Bitten, to be Werewolves.Bitten_S2_3D

But compelling plot lines and solid writing allow this one to stand on its own as a guilty pleasure. Based on the Kelley Armstrong book series Women of the Otherworld, the show centers on werewolf Eelna Michaels torn between her allegiance to her pack and her human boyfriend. Not exactly the work of Shakespeare, but fun nonetheless. The show was recently renewed for another season on Syfy channel.

Bitten: the Complete Second Season/3 DVDs/440 mins./eOne/2015


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