Bodybuilding Anatomy – 2nd Edition by Nicholas Evans

With the sheer amount of information that is being passed around the gym, through cliques, and on online forums, it is difficult to find proper form and information for those that are looking to increase their overall fitness. The 2nd Edition of Bodybuilding Anatomy provides readers with a tremendous amount of exercises for each part of the body, to ensure that all the muscles in the shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs, and abdominals are worked out.97814504962541_zoom

Each of the exercises contains a description of the movement along with an illustration, a discussion of the muscles that will be activated by the exercise, and variants of the exercise that can work additional muscles or increase/decrease the difficulty of the movement. There is a brief discussion of the musculature of each section that allows individuals to understand precisely what is going on in their body with each rep. I would heartily recommend the second edition of Bodybuilding Anatomy for a wide range of readers from high school to post-collegiate studies, and for those that are newbies as well as veterans to physical fitness.

Evans’ style is warm, approachable, and will make it easy for a reader to conduct the exercises that are contained within in a safe fashion that will ultimately translate to greater overall health and increase muscle gains. For more information about this and the wide array of subjects that Human Kinetics covers, visit the company’s website and social media accounts.

Rating: 9.5/10

Bodybuilding Anatomy – 2nd Edition by Nicholas Evans / 2015 Human Kinetics / $21.95 / 240 Pages / / /

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