Curioustin – Dreamescape EP Review

Dreamy Clouds Of Glass is a tremendously emotive track that is able to tell a story even despite the instrumental focus of the opening minutes. There is a twinkling sound created that will bring listeners on a journey, with Curioustin changing the overall focus to provide listeners with considerable variation. The harsher, more instrumental-themed side of this track provides further tools for Curioustin as well as increasing the overall momentum of the composition. Bicycles is one of our favorite efforts on the Dreamescape EP, as there is such a density of twists and turns that are provided. The track could easily make it onto EDM radio stations, but there is a complexity present that ensures that listeners will have to spin the cut a number of times before they fully grasp the composition as Curioustin intends it.


Subliminal Is a crossover track that tied together equal parts industrial and death metal; the array of inorganic beats and notes are matched perfectly with a growling, spat out set of vocals that would be at home in a Cannibal Corpse track. The effort is energized through the inclusion of these vocals, which bubble up to the top of the effort at all of the right points.

It Ends Or Begins is the final track on the Dreamescape EP; the chiaroscuro of light and dark elements provides the cherry on the top of the EP. There is considerable cohesion for the tracks here, but the effort is contained enough that Curioustin has a number of fertile fields in which to conduct future albums. For more information about this performer’s music, visit the act’s BandCamp or Facebook profiles.

Top Tracks: Subliminal, It Ends or Begins

Rating: 8.6/10

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