Kicker Tabor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

The fidelity of the Kicker Tabor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ensure that one is provided with an accurate representation of any music which they may be listening. The treble and impressive vocal range of opera and vocal music allows every trill, rise, and fall to be reproduced well, while more complex instrumental arrangements are able to be heard as the act intended. A guitar riff can impress while the drums keep time and a bass chugs along, all without sounding muddled or hard to decipher.


The comfort level of the Kicker Tabor headphones makes it easy for users to keep them seated, as the padding on the earcup and the supple material utilized on the outer shell of the padding make for a close-fitting but ultimately comfortable feel. The seal that the Kicker Tabor headphones have is great to keep whatever music or audio one may be listening in, while blocking conversations and other atmospheric noise from entering into one’s gaming, conversation, or other activities.

The Bluetooth connection for the Kicker Tabor headphones is easy to bring online and does not crackle or fade out with normal amounts of movement – one should be able to move around in a 15-20 foot radius of the device without experiencing any decline in quality.  The battery that the Kicker Tabor headphones use adds a small amount of weight to the device, but this small amount of heft is distributed well through the architecture of the product. This means that one can reliably use the headphones without needing to find a charger over the course of a shift (8-10 hours). A charge from empty to full will take about 150 minutes.

For more information about the full Kicker line of audio products, visit their website. The Kicker Tabor headphones are available from a wide variety of online and brick and mortar retailers for around $120.

Rating: 9.4/10

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