Petrus Aged Pale

The Petrus Aged Pale pours with a crystal-clear coloration and a decent amount of frothy, white head. The initial nose of Petrus Aged Pale is equal amounts tart and sweet with spicy and wheaty elements poking through at points. There is an intensity to the tartness that will immediately hit imbibers the second they sip the Aged Pale which dissipates as immediately as it began. Lemon and grain provide the largest flavors, while perfume, lime, and green apple are represented in the later register of a sip. The alcohol content of the Petrus Aged Pale is 7.3% but hides it perfectly amongst the bold flavor profile.

petrus-aged-pale2As the Aged Pale reaches room temperature, the bouquet calms down and allows the sweeter elements initially discerned during the onset ample time to shine. The sweeter element makes the Aged Pale spiritually similar to a white zine down to the fruity body, effervescence, and warmth-granting alcohol content. Aged Pale hits immediately with the sour stick and calms down into something much more complex and fulfilling. There are sips that the sour side of the Aged Pale will rush imbibers just as other pulls bring forth the hay, grain, and grass side of the brew. The alcohol side builds the longer that the beer sits to add another dimension to an already complex effort.

The Petrus Aged Pale is part of the Sour Power Sampler, uniting the Aged Pale with the Aged Red, 50/50 (equal parts Aged Pale and Aged Red), and Oud Bruin. Petrus recommends experiencing a blend of the Aged Red and Pale to make a unique beer (the Sour Power box comes with a poster to mark the optimum mix). For more information about the entirety of the Petrus range, visit the Global Beer website.

Rating: 9.0/10

Petrus Aged Pale / 7.3% ABV / /


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