The Sweetwater Hillbillies On The Road CD Review

“Backwater Slap Jar Soul Sauce” is a lively track that sets the stage for what is to follow from the all-star act The Sweetwater Hillbilles on their On Their Road, establishing a high standard that is continued in the album’s second track, “Baton Rouge”. “Baton Rouge” is an impeccably-mastered track that benefits greatly through the multi-part vocal harmony and a rotating cast of instrumental contributions. While the track may only be three minutes, the complex dynamics of the track will require listeners to spin the effort multiple times before understanding everything that The Sweetwater Hillbillies have included.


“It’s Just Another Southern Day” is another track that could easily make it onto radio play as the band keeps the momentum high and a bright, sunny demeanor. “Just an Ole Soft Shoe” twinkles with piano, strings, and a rich set of vocals. The Sweetwater Hillbillies are able to build upon the work of Alabama and The Oak Ridge Boys while adding their own unique patois to the compositions on On The Road. “Rattlesnakes Are Followin’ You” is one of our favorites on the album as hints of The Outlaws and 38 Special are spun off in a new direction – the vocals tie together Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard in a rocking effort. “I Get Psyched About Motorcycles” is an epic track that touches upon ZZ Top, Molly Hatchet, and Lynyrd Skynyrd; the intensity of the guitar work and impassioned intricacies of the vocals show that On The Road rocks from the beginning to the end.

Visit our coverage of “Backwater Slap Jar Soul Sauce” and visit the Merrimack Records website for more information about The Sweetwater Hillbillies and the rest of the label’s roster. The Sweetwater Hillbillies On The Road can be purchased on CDBaby and Amazon.

Top Tracks: It’s Just Another Southern Day, Rattlesnakes Are Followin’ You

Rating: 8.9/10

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