Fedd Up – Dark Days EP Review

Lancaster, Ohio’s Fedd Up have released their Dark Days EP, providing listeners with a great introduction to this hard, sludgy rock act. Wild Flower is a track that builds off of Soundgarden, Animosity-era Corrosion of Conformity, and Kyuss. The charismatic vocals link up nicely with the guttural intensity of the guitars and punchy, on-point vocals. This introductory single hits on all cylinders, ensuring that listeners are on the edges of their seats; an immaculate production allows the constituent elements the ability to shine alone or as a unitary effort. Continue reading “Fedd Up – Dark Days EP Review”

Exit 4 American Trippel (Flying Fish Brewing)

Exit 4 American Trippel is a complex effort that pours with a clear golden color and a good amount of white head that laces itself down the glass. The beer has a small amount of sweet and malt that can be discerned from its nose, while the first sip links together grain, malt, bananas, and figs before a stronger alcohol burn sneaks its way in. The Exit 4 is well-balanced and holds up to reaching room temperature well with a small shift in the overall flavors present. The grain elements fade into the periphery as the citrus and Belgian candi sugar flavors increase; Exit 4’s drinkability increases considerably through the intricate web of tastes that reach one’s tongue; while one may only need one or two bottles to complete a night, the beer stays interesting through the whole night. Continue reading “Exit 4 American Trippel (Flying Fish Brewing)”

Prime Blaq – Perseverance Single Review

Long Beach California’s own Prime Blaq has just released his latest effort, Perseverance. The track immediately will capture listeners’ attentions, as one can hear hints of Jay Electronica and The Game with bits of early “The College Dropout”-era Kanye West, during Perseverance, Prime Blaq is able to create a rapid flow that works perfectly with the J. Dilla-inspired backing beat. The rising synths that play in the background allow Prime Blaq’s raps to shine. The best thing about this track is the dense and detailed flow that Prime Blaq lays out; the narrative that is established during this single will have listeners play the track back to back a number of time. Continue reading “Prime Blaq – Perseverance Single Review”

Eye’z and the Barbary Coast Revue

We reviewed Eye’z in August of last year, taking a look into her inimitable style. We were pleasantly surprised when we learned that she was tapped to be a major part of the Barbary Coast Revue held at the Balançoire Restaurant and Nightclub (2565 Mission St, between 21 and 22 street) in San Francisco, California. Continue reading “Eye’z and the Barbary Coast Revue”

Barrel Aged Get In My Belly (Left Coast)

There are not a large number of breweries that actively put out beers in the Wee Heavy style, but San Clemente’s Left Coast Brewing has crafted a massive effort in their Get in My Belly. The beer pours with a mahogany coloration and a small amount of off-white to tan head. There is little in the way of carbonation to this effort, while the mouthfeel is thick and luxurious. There is a surprisingly small amount of nose to the beer, urging potential imbibers to take the first sip to be hit with the bevy of flavors that are to follow. There are hints of caramel, raisins, toffee, malt, and spice hiding the bonkers (13.1% ABV) alcohol percentage. Continue reading “Barrel Aged Get In My Belly (Left Coast)”

Fraudband Keyed In Single Review

Fuzzy indie rock that is deceptively deep, allowing listeners to find something new with each subsequent listen. The guitar/drum dynamic that begins the track provides a narrative touching upon highs and lows. The frenetic energy of Fraudband during the single is infectious, while the spontaneity of the band ensures that fans will have little idea where the track will ultimately go. Continue reading “Fraudband Keyed In Single Review”

Kristin Moura Interview

You have just released your cover version of Omi’s Cheerleader. What twists and turns did you bring to your version and how did you make it yours?

My cover of Omi’s No 1 Billboard song is turned to the female finding their special someone. I changed up some words in the song to reflect this to make it my own. Although overplayed, its still a catchy song! Light hearted compared to some of the music i have uploaded. I just wanted something different for fans to hear! Continue reading “Kristin Moura Interview”

Casebere Interview

A number of the musicians we review on NeuFutur have worked in factories, fast food, or any one of a multitude of fairly banal occupations. You have had a slightly more varied life. Can you go into detail about what occupations you held before your music career began?

I worked as an office accountant for 3 years after college. For an office job it doesn’t get any more banal than that. I was 25 and questioning my life.  I needed a way to make a lot of money fast to escape that. Continue reading “Casebere Interview”