Case on Bass – Bass Tones #3 CD Review

A Great Challenge Ahead, Prepare is a tremendous introduction to Case on Bass with a complexity that is similar to that of a Tool or Jaco Pastorius. Case on Bass is able to do something wholly unique in the creation of a bass-led, classical-inspired sort of music on Bass Tones #3. There is a back and forth approach that is powerful and alluring; individuals that have put on Bass Tones #3 will be on the edges of their seats after this first effort concludes.

While Lover of Life, Give Thanks (and the vast majority of tracks on this album) may only be about 1-2 minutes in length, Case on Bass’ compositions occupy a space that is much larger.  The track has a number of distinct elements that play in the periphery (the track’s echo, the fingerwork), ensuring that listeners have to spin Lover of Life, Give Thanks a number of times before hearing every twist and turn that has been placed in the composition.
Hunter Stalker does a good job in accurately capturing the spirit of the arrangement; one can hear the predator stalking the prey, air moving through the trees with little more than the mission at mind.
In Combat, Rise Above It is a richly constructed track that does more with 70 seconds than most bands can do with drums, guitar, and vocals over an hour. The arrangement here is taut and stands up nicely to repeat listening, showcasing Case on Bass’ dedication for efficiency.
Judge, See You at the Crossroads is a track that calls forth images of order and immutable regulations; it is a solid counterpoint to In Combat, Rise Above It. Bass Tones #3 is available from iTunes and Spotify, while readers can find more information about Case on Bass on his website.
Top Tracks: A Great Challenge Ahead, Prepare, The Mound Builders
Rating: 8.7/10

Case on Bass – Bass Tones #3 CD Review / 23 Tracks /


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