Soaked in Bleach DVD Review

NeuFutur Coverage of Soaked in Bleach

It would be easy to dismiss Soaked in Bleach – part documentary/part acted out drama – as just another exploitative title in the growing “Kurt Cobain Was Murdered” genre. NeuFutur Coverage of Soaked in BleachBut the basis for the theories in Soaked in Blood are put forth by the private investigator hired by Courtney Love when her husband went missing in the spring of 1994 and he has plenty of incriminating recordings from Love and others to at least put a reasonable amount of doubt into the thinking that this was simply a suicide from a smacked out conflicted rock star. More telling than the bizarre recordings from Love, investigator Tom Grant has plenty of recordings from Love and Cobain’s lawyer/close friend Rosemary Carroll who expresses doubts that Cobain was suicidal and admits Love’s behavior was bizarre. A compelling documentary regardless of where you stand on the Kurt Cobain murder vs. suicide spectrum.

Soaked in Bleach DV/89 Mins./MVD/2015


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