Vegard Skrede Mitt liv på papir Single Review

Mitt liv på papir is a dense and detailed track that will ensure that listeners need multiple plays before they understand everything that has been placed into the effort. The haunting guitars and pitter-patter of the drums here create a rich tapestry upon which Skrede’s emotive vocals rest. The overall sound of the track far outstrips the constituent elements, meaning that the effort will resound loudly long after the track has ceased to spin. Of particular note during Mitt liv på papir has to be resounding guitar line that flirts with the higher register achieved by Vegard.

UntitledThere is a hint of 80s new romantic style (The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees) here that is given a new lease on life; fans of current indie rock bands can find something meaty to sink their teeth into. The guitar-heavy lead out to Mitt liv på papir is a creative pinnacle for Skrede, as each note is able to tell more in a fraction of a second that an individual or a band is able to express in the course of a line. The track may weigh in at a hair over five minutes, but the sheer space that it occupies is much greater than that. This is a catchy, hooky track that has a truly epic sound – Skrede is able to evolve his style considerably since Dans, baby! without losing the same sort of alluring demeanor that dripped from the previous sound. These are two wholly different beasts and showcases that Vegard will not fit nicely into a simple pigeon hole.

We have reviewed Vegard Skrede’s Dans, baby!; for more information about his music and latest updates, make sure to add him on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s to hoping that Skrede is able to continue creating his inimitable form of rock, indie, and emotive music.

Rating: 8.9/10

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