Violet Night – I Hope You’re Well EP Review

Violet Night I Hope You're Well Review by NeuFutur

Violet Night has released a four-song EP in I Hope You’re Well that showcases a wide variety of styles, influences, and insights into the band.

Violet Night I Hope You're Well Review by NeuFutur

Wait creates a dichotomy between the human and the electronic side of things; this chiaroscuro will immediately draw listeners in. There is great use of momentum during this cut, as the band moves into high gear with little in the way of warning. What results with this effort is something that draws on the rich New Romantic tradition of the mid to late 1980s. This means that one can discern subtle nods to The Psychedelic Furs, Duran Duran, Yaz, and XTC. There is just enough emotion heard here to appease fans of Brand New and 30 Seconds To Mars. This track is something that could easily make it onto rock, alternative, and pop stations. One has to appreciate the production of this track, which allows a large number of things to be occurring at any one time without making the composition cluttered or otherwise off-putting. This is one of the few songs that I have heard so far this year that I would honestly like to hear more of; I feel that Violet Night could easily add an additional minute or two to the song and create something absolutely epic.

Dawn is a track that opens in a very Spartan fashion. Little more is needed during the onset than a set of vocals and a piano line, both of which are threaded through the entirety of the composition. The track rises and falls with the inclusion of greater complexity, ensuring that listeners will be on the edges of their seats from beginning to end. The additional echo and secondary vocals that are added into the mix provides considerable depth to the track, while Violet Night moves into a more rock formation at points during the second half of the track. This means that listeners can enjoy Dawn in a variety of fashions. One can simply listen to the surface sound of the effort, enjoying the melodies that the band crafts here. Alternatively, one can pay particular attention to the interactions that exist between the different instruments and amongst the whole of the constituent elements heard on this composition. Finally, one can focus on the narrative that is crafted here; there is a story that all that have fallen out of love can appreciate. One wonders how the act would create a video for this composition; with the richness of the story told here, it would seem almost a disservice to merely re-tell what was originally provided to listeners on the recorded side of things.

Comedown showcases another facet to Violet Night; the folk and singer-songwriter style that begins the track opens up into something absolutely alluring. When the drums are added to Comedown, there is a tiered approach given – one will be assured that further elements are to come. When everything begins (cross-cutting vocals, windswept guitars), the track takes on a new lease to life. The smoothness of the panoply of elements makes this a shoo-in for radio rotation. Every note is perfectly placed, while the vocals are continually what is needed to bring the effort into a higher plateau. In a disc of singles, Comedown may yet be our favorite.

I Hope You’re Well is a straightforward alt-rock track in the vein of Angels and Airplanes and The Anniversary. The band’s timing remains impeccable, with the pianos and drums uniting to make something that will resound loudly in the minds of listeners long after the EP has ceased. The vocals soar above the instrumentation, showcasing the considerable skill of each utterance. Violet Night has made a song that refreshes a well-trod genres.

The EP I Hope You’re Well is available from Violet Night’s Bigcartel for $7 and will be shipped signed for a limited time. For samples of the band’s music, visit violet Night’s Soundcloud or Bandcamp. The latest in information about the act can be found at their Facebook. Few artists are able to do much of anything over the course of an EP, but fans will feel as if they know Connor and TJ by the final nights. Here’s to hoping that Violet Night is able to create an LP that further expands upon what was originally presented on the I Hope You’re Well EP.

Top Tracks: I Hope You’re Well, Wait, Comedown

Rating: 8.8/10

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