Bergamonster Imperial Wheat (Two Roads Brewing)

Bergamonster Imperial Wheat is the latest offering in Two Roads Brewing’s Road Less Traveled Series. This unfiltered wheat ale pours with a light yellow coloration and a small amount of whitish head. Lacing is pretty thick along a glass. Two Roads’ imperial wheat ale packs a kick at 8.2% ABV, blending together a strong alcohol bite with sweeter (the titular Bergamot, lemon, and orange) and hoppier elements.


A tart snap at the conclusion of each sip is a great way to refresh one’s palette, allowing for the Bergamonster to spin in any one of countless directions. Nutmeg and cinnamon elements play at the periphery of Bergamonster, working well with the dryness of the beer. The alcohol content and good amount of hops give this beer a backbone, ensuring a constancy of the effort’s overall flavor profile.  Bits of malt peek through at points to add a further depth; one can taste the interactions between the bergamot and malt or the bit of peppery zing and the toasted elements of the malts chose.

The Bergamonster Imperial Wheat is a perfect effort to sit back and sip, and it can be paired with creamier cheeses, dried meats, and fish/chicken dishes. This is a limited effort; if wheat ales are in your wheelhouse, Two Roads’ latest seasonal is a must have. The unique flavors exhibited in a bottle of Bergamonster keep things interesting from beginning until the very end (well, until the last sip before the very end, if you’re not a fan of the sediment).

Unorthodox was one of the most memorable imperial stouts that we have reviewed this year; Bergamonster possesses a similar depth of flavors and will inspire an individual or small group of people through the rapidly-cooling autumn months. The beer is available in 750 mL bottles.

Rating: 9.0/10

Bergamonster Imperial Wheat / 8.2% ABV / / / /

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