Dreamtrip & Submosis – Blue Vice Single Review

Dreamtrip & Submosis’ Blue Vice is a sedate, atmospheric composition that is tremendously illustrative. A deliberate pace is taken that allows for the composition to rise and swell. The wide array of approaches presented to fans during this composition further increases the replay value of Blue Vice.

Electronic, industrial, and ambient elements are all present here. A deliberate percussive beat and hints of Portishead and Massive Attack round out this song. Echoing, haunting vocal clips provide the cherry on the top of this sundae; while Blue Vice may fade out at the six minute mark it will resound loudly in the minds and hearts of listeners for much longer.

Rating: 8.4/10


Dreamtrip & Submosis – Blue Vice Single Review / 2015 Self  https://www.facebook.com/dreamtripmusic / https://twitter.com/Dreamtrip / https://soundcloud.com/dreamtrip-1 /

Author: James McQuiston

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