Farm Dog Farmhouse Ale (Fort Collins Brewery)

Farm Dog pours with a dirty brown to copper coloration and a small amount of rapidly-disappearing off-white head. There is little in the way of barnhouse and yeast notes that issue forth on the initial nose, while the first sip provides imbibers with a good amount of sweetness before a warming, slightly boozy rush makes its presence known. A good bit of spice adds further variety to this ale, while the malt pushes its way through to allow for a good harmony to be struck up amongst the variety of different elements in this beer.


The original idea of the farmhouse ale – a family would craft their own beer for drinking in the titular domiciles – is done to great effect with Fort Collins’ latest. This beer stands alone when compared to a great many of the other efforts that are currently cluttering stores. Part of this reason has to do with the sheer amount of flavors that are present as the beer gets ever closer to room temperature. The spicy zing gradually ratchets up as banana and clove elements become much more commonplace. Farm Dog continues to change into something wholly different than it was when the bottle was first cracked; strawberry and cherry elements make an imbiber as excited as they were when taking their introductory quaff.

For more information about the entire range of efforts that Fort Collins releases, give their website a spin. FCB’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are perfect for those that wish to see what is coming off of their bottling lines for the foreseeable future.

The Farm Dog Farmhouse ale is available for a limited time; Fort Collins has made it available in 4 packs and on draft.

Rating: 9.0/10

Farm Dog Farmhouse Ale / Fort Collins Brewery / 7.0% ABV / / /

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