Five Hundredth Year “A Rose From Ashes” EP Review

Awaken in Silence is a taut hard rock track that will immediately draw listeners in with a tremendous amount of charisma and a talented instrumentation that includes splashing drums and brutal guitar work. The ability of Five Hundredth Year to move from absurdly heavy metal to beautiful multi-part harmonies is unparalleled, representing the thread that listeners will observe when they continue listening to A Rose From Ashes.

Breaking Point builds off of the work of System of a Down and Skillet with Five Hundredth Year creating a chugging effort that is as much Coal Chamber as it is Anthrax. The band does well in imbuing each effort on this EP with a sound that could easily make it onto rock rotation, all while the instrumentation is deep, detailed, and stands up to repeat listens. Stand Up balances hard and catchy perfectly with a one-two vocal-guitar dynamic pushing the disc into an entirely higher plateau. The gruff guitars and more goth infused synth work make this work in hardcore, black metal, and metal contexts.
Violent Decent is a take no prisoners track that will beat and bludgeon listeners during the first few seconds and caress them with super-sonic vocals during the chorus. With powerful drums punctuating the composition, Five Hundredth Year have another hit on their hands.Five Hundredth Year are able to insert their own unique take on metal into the Tove Lo hit Talking Body; the germ of the harmony remains as the band adds considerable teeth to the beat. A Rose From Ashes is available currently from iTunes and Amazon; visit the band’s Facebook or Twitter for more information and samples from the A Rose From Ashes EP.
Top Tracks: Awaken in Silence, Violent Decent
Rating: 8.8/10


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