The MyMuCo application is a set of programs that will allow children the ability to practice their music on tablets to bolster their skills or for teachers to provide an extra hands-on aspect to their lesson plans. The application is able to approximate the experience of playing an instrument in a way that will facilitate later lessons, along with keeping things on the quieter side should the student wish to practice later at night or at periods when parents are busy or otherwise preoccupied.


We are a fan of the points system that the application uses, which is a good reward for those students that like the competitive aspect of games. With children spending a decent amount of their day playing games and other applications, converting the traditional methods of music education into an easier to digest format will keep users interested. The MyMuCo Kids application is intuitive and brightly-colored to keep the overall interest level high, while the MyMuCo Teachers app possesses the same ease of use while having a tremendous amount of wiggle room to create lessons with the best fit.

The open-ended aspect of MyMuCo means that the tool is great for teachers. With the program, teachers can keep an eye on the overall level of their classes and set course plans up in advance. During the summer season, the application is particularly good as physically bringing instruments on vacations or in camp sites may not be feasible.

For more information about this application, visit the MyMuCo domain  . The application costs $29.99 a year, a small cost compared to the prices associated with books, extra lessons, or even the amount of gas that would be spent in the same time period going to lessons. MyMuCo is an application that can introduce students to music or can provide the education that they need to make it to the next level.

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