Aloke – Alive (Vinyl)

It’s not clear yet whether Aloke, a new group featuring Grouplove singer Christian Zucconi, is a one-off side project or a full-fledged band with a future beyond this debut. But, if Zucconi opts for the latter, Aloke could give Grouplove a run for its money.


On ‘Alive,’ the band comes off with a little more abrasive sound, but it’s raucous fun, with rushed vocals competing over loud drums and distorted guitars. The band turned to Steve Albini to produce this one and he manages to channel memories of some of his earlier work with bands like The Pixies and even The Breeders. The result is a dozen unpolished, playful bursts of energy.

With a dozen tracks, the record drags a bit at times (the three instrumental interludes seem a tad excessive), but the band recovers nicely with the grungy “Don’t Fail Me Now” coming toward the end.

Whether Aloke is just a one-off gig for Zucconi and his bandmates or if this is the first of many albums to come, the record is certain to find a following.

Aloke – Alive/12 tracks/The End Records/2015

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