Ayria returns with brand new 4-track single ‘Feed Her To The Wolves’

Out of the blue Alfa Matrix has released “Feed Her To The Wolves”, the brand new 4-track download single from electropop act Ayria. The single – available now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, … – acts as a teaser for the first follow-up release since Jennifer Parkin’s successful “Plastic Makes Perfect” album from 2013. The new album will be titled “Paper Dolls” and will be out somewhere in 2016. The single was again produced by Sebastian R. Komor.

Included in this single are 2 original tracks (the title track and “Underneath The Water”) plus 2 remixed versions of the tracks.

Underneath The Water
Feed Her To The Wolves
Underneath The Water (Sebastian Komor Mix)
Feed Her To The Wolves (Judgment Version)

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