ConvoLuted Interview

Today, we are speaking to ConvoLuted, an eclectic act from Malmö, Sweden. Can you introduce us to each of the members of the band?

Oscar Ahlbin hits the drums, Michael Bergstrand plays the bass, Stefan Stajkovic bashes the guitars and Viktor Brus roars into the microphone.


The ConvoLuted EP is your latest release (available on Spotify and iTunes). How are your current batch of songs different from your earliest compositions?

It’s a hard question to reflect on, we don’t really know the difference ourselves. We believe that we’ve got more courage for trying different sounds now referring to what we did before. To us…it’s more important to send out a message to people rather than the sound itself.

What were the studio sessions like at the time you were cutting the EP?

We rehearsed the songs in detail for a long time and it really paid off as the recording process went very smooth. We wanted our instruments to sound as raw as they do when we perform live rather than the typical” produced sound. Our producer (Bjorn Stegerling) helped us to find this sound, even though it could be a challenge at times.

You have two singles out right now; Hospital Bed and The Doctor. What role does each song play in establish the nuances of the band?

Hospital Bed describes us perfectly as a band right now.

It has a rap-oriented groove, a catchy hook and a powerful punk-influenced climax. We have had a great response from the audience which often remembers this song even though they’ve only heard it once. Therefore we decided to make this track our first single. The Doctor, unfortunately, is not a single.

What process do you utilize concerning ordering and the ultimate decision whether to put a track on the album?

We all shared the same thoughts about the order. It came naturally for us.

Your EP takes on a wide variety of styles, from rap to rock, metal to classic acts; saying that, what bands provide the most influence to ConvoLuted?

Rage Against the Machine is a big influence and so is the early grunge-scene. Everybody in the band listens to different types of music so maybe that’s the reason for a ”wide variety”.

What does the rest of the year hold for you? Will there be a full-length LP in the future?

Right now we want to play live as much as possible and reach out to all kinds of people with our music, hopefully we’ll have the chance to release a full LP within 1-2 years from now.

How can listeners find out about your current news and information about your EP?

As for everything, on the social media like Facebook and Youtube, or if you want, write us a love letter and you’ll find out.

Do you have any final thoughts for our readers at NeuFutur Magazine?

As long as this world is fucked up, we’ll keep on creating music. Hopefully we’ll see you soon, regards from Convoluted.

Thank you so very much for your time.

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