Coraezy Hitz – It’s Over (feat. Stiffler), Game On Lock, Coraezy Dum

It’s Over (featuring Stiffler) is a track that skillfully blends trap, rap, and an R&B hook that showcases that Coraezy Hitz comes forth in a unique and eclectic fashion. Hints of Tech N9ne, Hopsin, and Tyler The Creator can be discerned here, but the sharp and pointed flow during this track is uniquely Coraezy Hitz’s own.  With hints of Drake and Bun B playing at the periphery of the track, this effort has considerable replay value. The instrumental and vocal elements of this single combine to create something that will bounce around listeners’ minds long after the track ceases to play.


Game On Lock is a labyrinthine effort that will require a number of spins before listeners will hear everything that has been included. It is this dense, fulfilling sound that makes this effort into a pinnacle of Coraezy Hitz’ discography; a punchy style taken here is the cherry on top of the track’s sundae. Coraezy Dum is another hard-hitting track that is built upon a haunting backing beat. Where many rappers require features and other artists contributing to a track to make something memorable, Coraezy Hitz is talented enough to tackle a track a variety of ways to keep momentum high from beginning to the end. The hi-hats and samples encountered on Coraezy Dum provides the perfect highlighting for the lyric flow.

The simple fact is that the Columbus Ohio area has not had the sort of renaissance that Cleveland and Detroit has had over the last few years. Coraezy Hitz is the vanguard of a new revolution, and we’re excited to hear exactly where he decides to go in follow-ups to the efforts that we covered here. For more information about Coraezy Hitz and his latest hits, visit his Facebook or SoundCloud profiles.

Rating: 8.8/10

Coraezy Hitz – It’s Over (feat. Stiffler), Game On Lock, Coraezy Dum / 2015 Self / /  /

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