Eye’z Interview

Hello, Eye’z. Hope your day has been going well. Let’s go into a little depth; what is your background?

I’m from the SF Bay Area. as far as my background in music, I have influence from pop, classical, spirituals, jazz, African and Hawaiian/World music. Everyone on my mother’s side of the family sings, plays piano and performs.

You are a modern Renaissance woman, having a number of distinct interests. We’ve reviewed your music previously (link to Lovely/Damage review from 2014 will go here); what are you currently cooking up music-wise?

I am absolutely working on some new music. I’ve been trying to collaborate with other producers…. I don’t know if I’ll do that again though. Ha Ha, it’s definitely sounding more r&b which I don’t mind sometimes. However I have one song in that style that regardless of the r&b sound you can hear my genuine authenticity. I wanted to do something new, but I think I’ll try to stay the same from now on. I will say I’m working on more than one song so yeah you can take it from there.

In your performances and day-to-day life, which artists, politicians (individuals generally) influence you the most?

Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Minnie Ripperton, Fats Waller and Martin Luther King Jr.

You are an integral part of The Barbary Coast Revue. Can you go into a little further detail about what the BCR is about?

The BCR is about the GOLD RUSH 1800’s San Francisco before it was called San Fran. it was THE BARBARY COAST!

You’ve got Alma Debretville, Lillian Coit, Jerry Thomas, Shang Hai Kelly, Madame Ah Toy, Emperor Norton & Mark Twain.

The music consists of songs from bay area musicians from the 80’s till today you’ve got Carlos Santana, 2pac, Mr big 1800’s style of course!

How can individuals see a performance of the Barbary Coast Revue?

if you like having fun, if you like history, if you like music, then you’ve got to come see this show

Come see us every Thursday at Balancoire at 2565 Mission St. San Francisco 94110 at 8pm. The show has been extended to Nov 12th, so you have GOT TO SEE THIS SHOW!

If you are visiting SF and want a little history this is the perfect show to see!

What advise do you have for individuals that are wishing to make a career as a musician or as a performer?

Keep doing it and don’t stop.

Thank you so much for your time.

Eye’z Interview / www.reverbnation.com/eyez / www.facebook.com/pages/Eyez / eyezpopmusic.bandcamp.com/album/eyez


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