New Emoji Characters from Apple – Now Available in 6 Different Skin Tones

Good news is that Apple decided to add 300 completely new emoji in Mac OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3

The emoji you can enjoy now are absolutely new, sexually and racially diverse. Discover the more colorful and diverse messaging.

A lot of users of Apple’s Macs, iPads and iPhones will soon get an opportunity to send and receive messages using a greater variety of emojis that are both more sexually and racially diverse that makes your communication more emotional.

Developers have previewed the next updates for both Apple’s OS X and iOS and found out that the tech giant is going to add more than 300 new characters allowing these to use different emoji faces that come in 6 different skin tones.

These stunning updates can be found in Mac OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3. As a user, you’ll be able to select, click and hold on any emoji character in the set of “people” that look pretty human to change their skin tone.

One of the Apple spokespersons shared his thoughts about the new updates. He said that Apple has a very serious attitude and cares a lot about the diversity. That’s why the company is working with The Unicode Consortium to improve the standards which better shows diversity for all of us.

You’ll see that the upgraded emoji characters have both straight and the same-sex families and couples.

Another interesting fact here is that palette of skin tones that was created by the Unicode Consortium, is actually based on the famous Fitzpatrick scale, invented and used by dermatologists to classify and distinguish different skin types by how easily they tan or burn.

There will be also included emojis that show same-sex relationships along with families with two father and families with two mothers, plus 32 new country flags.

Did They Say “No” to Readheads?

The reason why Apple decided to do this amazing update is that its emoji keyboard is going to become a response to public outcry about limitations related to people of different races.

Currently, there are represented only three characters which show non-Western faces. These are: a man who wears a turban, a man who wears a traditional Chinese skull cap with a braid, and the third man who wears a Cossack hat.

Last year, in March a petition on organized by Miley Cyrus collected thousands of people’s signatures along with the users who imitated the emoji showing the “No good” gesture, which was sent to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

People who already tried new emojis share their emotions, telling that they are happy to see a better racial diversity in faces and the skin tones provided by Apple. The only thing they’ve found missing is the one hair color, which is absent now- that’s the red hair. Maybe a new petition signed by lots of ginger-haired people will be the next one?



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