Post Paradise Bring It To Life Side A Review

Post Paradise is an act that creates a bit of hard rock that will work perfectly in our post-emo period. There is a good grittiness that is immediately heard during the band’s first track on Bring It To Life Side A, Generator. The band breaks free from the hard rock mold with the front and center placement of a cello, which creates a smoother and sultrier side to this first single. The powerful vocals and splashy drums that flesh out the track will keep listeners on the edges of their seats.  Ordinary is a track that links together Skillet, Papa Roach, and Linkin Park into a melodic metal-infused assault. The cello here calls back to Apocalyptica, giving Post Paradise a unique sound.Bring it to Life Album Cover PRINT


The more introspective and slower tempo that is crafted during Four Years allows Post Paradise the chance to showcase their softer side. The vocals are allow to hit a larger register, while the cello/drum dynamic builds upon the framework of acts like Yellowcard and Defiance, Ohio. The act is able to take on a wide array of influences and styles during this introductory EP, giving listeners ample opportunity to find something that they can appreciate.
All There Is another unique track, with the strings rising and falling. The focal point given to the cello establishes a wholly different sound to Bring It To Life Side A, and makes for something wholly new. Post Paradise is able to mesh together softer and harder elements seamlessly to great success. The multi-part harmonies here are the cherry on top of the sundae, giving the release considerable momentum as the band moves into Flux Errant. This instrumental conclusion provides a final exclamation point to this impressive introduction.
Top Tracks: Four Years, All There Is
Rating: 8.9/10
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