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Bennigan’s has been a part of the American cultural landscape since 1976, and the company has taken it upon themselves to refresh and revitalize their offerings while keeping the same sort of friendly ambiance and authentic Irish fare. Along the way, Bennigan’s has included healthier options and have retooled others. We stopped in for a dinner at the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan location of Bennigan’s and were impressed at the overall level of service and the friendly, inviting atmosphere that the restaurant provided in each interaction the staff had with us.Untitled We began our meal with the Dubliner Quesadillas, which jazzed up the idea of a quesadilla by including chunks of marinated chicken, ample amounts of cheese and a crispy bit of heaven with their fried onions; the different elements of the quesadilla are tied together with a healthy drizzle of lime sour cream sauce. A trio of dips are included, meaning that one can gussy up this appetizer with either guacamole, pico de gallo, or salsa. The quesadillas were paired with Bennigan’s take on the Long Island Iced Tea; the Long Ireland Iced Tea ties together Jameson with vodka, triple sec, lemon sour, and coke to make for a dangerously drinkable affair.

However much the chain has changed over the years, their flagship sandwich, the Monte Cristo still shines as a highlight of one’s dining experience. The sandwich uses a savory wheat bread and adds turkey and ham with two types of cheese (American and Swiss). The Monte Cristo is dipped into the restaurant’s inimitable batter and fried before being coated with a decent sprinkle of powdered sugar. A brightness is introduced into the dish with the inclusion of an ample amount of raspberry preserves.WorldFamousMonteCristo

Bennigan’s has a full amount of burgers on their menu; we chose their Big Irish due to the massiveness of the offering. This burger has two half-pound patties that are cooked to the proper level along with double the amounts of toppings. One can either create the burger the way that they would like or take one of the other signature burgers that Bennigan’s offers to the max. A Big Irish of the Guinness Glazed Bacon Burger w
ould be the height of decadent living, with the stout glaze topping a pile of cheddar, Bacon, and fried onions.Big Irish 1

Bennigan’s Harvest Caramel Apple Cake is a wonderful conclusion for the meal, with apples and spices united in a soft and moist cake. The amount of cream cheese icing that is placed on the top adds a bit of richness to the acidity of the apples, while the toasted pecan pralines add a crunch to the dish. Bennigan’s is the perfect place to have belly up and have intelligent preparations, large portions, and a customer service experience that cannot be beat.For more information about the full Bennigan’s menu and a listing of the stores nearest you, visit their domain. Information about new products and specials offered at the restaurant are promoted on the chain’s social media accounts.8568_HiResSliceBO


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