MARSH. Hands Single Review

MARSH. is from Auckland, New Zealand and is dropping his latest EP, Hieroglyph in December. Hands is the latest single from Hieroglyph and has a funky retro-dance vibe. The harmony that immediately comes forth will tattoo itself deep into the minds of listeners, while there is a sultry and passionate thread that is weaved through the track. The intricate arrangements presented to listeners in Hands touches upon the Miami sound of the late eighties, the work of 90s acts like The Crystal Method and Prodigy and places them into a format that works well with the EDM of today.12219524_423057814554142_8757309400169418167_n The track has an eclectic array of sounds and arrangements interspersed through the near-five minute run time, but the skilled hands of MARSH. is able to make a cohesive and coherent statement with this single.

The rising and falling of the track calls back to The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, while the driving beat of Hands ensures that anyone fortunate enough to listen in with make their way to the dance floor. An ultra-cool, slinky composition, Hands is an effort that anyone can find something to eagerly devour. What is perhaps the most fascinating about Hands is that there are such a wide array of styles and approaches that are taken here, but the resulting effort does not sound disorienting or messy. Rather, Hands is an immaculate arrangement that has any loose end tied up before the last note. MARSH.’s Hieroglyph EP is available from his Hulkshare; a quick jaunt over to the act’s Facebook will inform listeners about premieres, interviews, and anything else to do with this fascinating musician.

Rating: 9.0/10

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