Review of Online Casinos Towards 2016


In case you did not receive the memo, gambling is big business as it is currently constituted. Whether it is sports betting sites that are so prominently advertised during professional rugby and football games in Australia and Europe, paid fantasy sites that run non-stop commercials during American football and basketball games Stateside, or online poker sites, there are new customers every day. This is a big business and the betting companies recognise this, practically tripping over themselves to reel in new clients as quickly as possible before the competition scoops them up.

How does it stack up?

With new standards and platforms coming into use, it is practically standard that all online casinos are available to play on phone, tablet, or computer (both Macs, PCs, Linux… anything with an HTML5-capable browser, really). Perhaps the next frontier for new casinos online 2016 will be wearable devices? And most of them offer some sort of bonuses, some better than others. In fact, there are some that go above and beyond the call of duty to entice players with tons of cashback offers that attracts gamblers to come back on a regular basis. Finally, it seems more and more common that they all offer multiple ways of paying, with the possibility of paying with cash, by multiple credit services, or even innovatively, by tacking on an extra amount to one’s phone bill through agreements with the major telecommunications companies.

Pulling Away from the Crowd

So how do then go about separating themselves from the crowd? The main thing that serves to distinguish between sites is their particular brand, or flavour. There might be a pirate theme with an accompanying, apropos jingle, or graphics on the splash page that make it seem like the digital recreation of the interior of a sleek casino in Vegas. Some sites offer games that are made in-house by second party developers, meaning that they hire another company to make their games such that they are exclusive to the website. For this gamble to pay off, the unique games have to be compelling in a sea of clones, either in theming or in gameplay mechanics, which is usually not the case.

Other sites distinguish themselves through massive prizes which draws a robust community and healthy competition. Continually offering these ensures that players come back. Usually, when sites become popular, even in the face of massive competition, because they have built up goodwill among the community with good competitions which corresponds with high stakes prizes, the players stay on the site.

If you are looking to get into online casinos, there could simply not be a better time.

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