Ane Monsrud – Confess Single Review

Confess is the latest effort from Norway’s Ane Monsrud. The track showcases Ane’s ability to set up a harmony with her vocals, something that is further bolstered by the inclusion of thoughtful instrumentation. The track has something for fans of the singer-songwriter, jazz, and classical genres; Monsrud comes forth with tremendous force and finesse during this song.

Ane Monsrud

The driving beat creates a momentum that allows listeners to stick with the composition from beginning to end. There are more than enough twsists and turns on Confess to keep listeners on the edges of their seat; it is a skill that Monsrud showcases here that makes each segment cohesive while exploring wholly different musical fields.

The dominance of the piano during the second half of Confess threatens to overtake the entirety of the composition, but the back and forth that occurs here between vocal and instrumentals pushes each into an entirely higher plateau. It is the definite and authoritative percussive element that reaches prominence in the final section of Confess, creating a wholly different dynamic for listeners to sink their teeth into. While the effort makes it to the four minute mark, the fresh styling and always-interesting interplay imbues this with considerable replay value. Catchy enough to make it onto pop rotation but with enough musical chops to appease the most discerning of arrangement-buffs, Confess may just be the last track of 2015 to have us pay attention.

We reviewed Monsrud’s previous cut, Mysterious Connections, back in July of 2015. For further samples of Ane’s music, take a trip to her SoundCloud. For all of the news and information about the performer and her inimitable style, her Facebook profile is a great place to start.

Rating: 8.9/10

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