Blueberry Ale (Wachusett)

Massachusetts’ Wachusett Brewing has created a Blueberry Ale that successfully melds together a fruity flavor with a thirst-quenching lager style. The beer is perfect to session over the course of the night, as the mild flavor profile does not veer too far into tartness. When pouring the beer into a glass, the first thing that one will see is the yellow-gold coloration, upon which a solid amount of whitish head sits on top. Blueberry AleAs one continues along their journey with the Blueberry Ale, a solid amount of lacing will be spotted sticking to the insides of the glass. The crispness of this Blueberry Ale is magnified by the thinness of the beer’s mouth feel; the beer goes down easily with the hops refreshing one’s palette with each subsequent sip.

Ample grain and wheat flavors permeate this effort, which would do well paired with burgers, chicken, nuts, and dried meats. The small amount of hops (10 IBU) that are included in this offering do well to stave off any overly-sweet elements to dominate, making this Blueberry Ale into something that is extraordinarily well-balanced. Wachusett’s Blueberry Ale is consistent from beginning to end, keeping the delicate balance of fruit, hop, and wheat working together rather than letting one side dominate. This offering is one of our favorite fruit beers, as it keeps the essential essence of a beer while weaving in hints of the blueberry.

For more information about the whole range of Wachusett’s year-round and seasonal offerings, visit their domain. Further updates about gifts, their brews’ availability and events is available at their Facebook. Wachusett’s Blueberry Ale is offered throughout the year in a variety of formats (bottles, cans, and kegs) from the brewery and any distributor that is offering Wachusett beers.

Rating: 8.3/10

Blueberry Ale / Wachusett Brewing Company / 4.5% ABV / 10 IBU / /

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