Slow Learners (DVD)

Within the first 10 minutes of the indie comedy Slow Learners you know exactly how it will end. It’s a traditional romantic comedy, albeit on a much smaller budget, so it doesn’t take that much intuition to know the leads, both seemingly dorky and unlucky in love, will end up together. But even knowing how it ends, Slow Learners is still charming and funny from start to finish.

Slow Learners

Adam Pally (The Mindy Project) plays Jeff, a milquetoast high school guidance counselor; Sarah Burns (Enlightened) is Anne, Jeff’s longtime friend and colleague who spends too much time in cat sweaters and cat shirts. The two characters are far from original, but thanks to smart writing and the solid chemistry between Pally and Burns, you don’t mind watching the reliable tropes played out here one more time. Not terribly original, but a sweet movie nonetheless.

Slow Learners/97 Minutes/IFC/2015 / /

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