Imperial Pumpkin (Lakefront Brewery)

Over the course of the last few years pumpkin beer has been all the rage and the simple fact is that the market is incredibly beyond capacity. With any brewery ready to reap incredible rewards by creating their own gourd-based beer it seems that every other effort that one sees in the fall season has something to do with pumpkin. As a result a great many of these are forgettable and it takes a beer that is absolutely sterling to impress in the style.Imperial Pumpkin (Lakefront) Continue reading “Imperial Pumpkin (Lakefront Brewery)”

Porter (Green Man Brewery)

The porter style is one that can go so badly so quick and it seems like a great many breweries choose not to even offer a porter as the style proves difficult to do in a proper fashion. Green Man Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina has a porter on their year round offerings, representing one of the better porters that we have reviewed. The beer pours with a brown coloration and a small amount of tannish head that dissipates quickly. A cursory sniff yields hints of sugar, vanilla, and a fair amount of malt. The effervescence is slight but is enough to keep the Green Man Porter refreshing. The 6.0% ABV of this Porter is enough to stave off the sweeter elements that dominate in a great many porters; this balance is enough to push the beer into the heights of the style.Green Man Porter Continue reading “Porter (Green Man Brewery)”

True Temper Aluminum Combo Snow Shovel

The winter in the Great Lakes Region is fairly intense. While we have missed some of the larger snowfall that hit the East Coast and the center of Ohio in the last few weeks we still have gotten a fair amount of snow, ice, and winter weather. It is a absolute requirement that if you own or rent a house that has any sort of parking on the street or in a driveway that you will need to go and have a snow shovel. Even the most liberal pouring of salt on a walk way or other area will not suffice to get the snow out of the way. Continue reading “True Temper Aluminum Combo Snow Shovel”

A Moment with Jin .B.

Today, we are speaking with Kitchener, Ontario’s Jin .B.. Can you give us a little background information about yourself?

My name is DaNeng Vang, currently 23 years old and been rapping for three years now. Born in Kitchener, Ontario, Living in many areas of Kitchener, Waterloo I was able to experience some hardships growing up. Most of the content that I write and rap are about my struggles in the entertainment field over the past 5-6 years, and personal stories that made me who I am today.JIn .B.I graduated from Conestoga College from the Television Broadcasting course back in 2012, soon after using my skillset to help the talents in Kitchener, Ontario, this led me to self teach myself how to record vocals and soon after write and rap. Continue reading “A Moment with Jin .B.”

Distorter (Greenbush Brewing)

Greenbush Brewing in Michigan has created a hybrid beer style in Distorter that links together the stout style with porters; Distorter pours with a dark brown to black coloration and a thick amount of tannish head that laces its way down a glass. This effort encapsulates the best of both worlds and creates a toasted, nutty flavor with a medium body that goes down incredibly easily. The beer steers away from the stickiness and cloying sweetness of a great many stouts while still calling forward hints of coffee, chocolate, tobacco and charred oak. Distorter (Greenbush Brewing)A slight amount of bitterness is present, refreshing imbibers’ palettes for subsequent sips of the stuff. Continue reading “Distorter (Greenbush Brewing)”

The LaCie Mirror hard drive shines like a diamond

We received a one terabyte LaCie Mirror hard drive (9000574) for review the last year and are pleased to report that the installation process and the whole step by step process for making the hard drive live is incredibly easy. The simple fact is that the installation of a hard drive can be a little difficult especially to those individuals that our first time homebrew creators. Even those that have had the chance to go and build computers in the past might have a problem bringing a new hard drive on line in the fashion that one wants.LaCie Mirror

In fact I still have a solid state (SSD) drive from Kingston that has been kicking around the NeuFutur offices that I have never been able to impress into normal, everyday service. Continue reading “The LaCie Mirror hard drive shines like a diamond”

Avatar / January 24, 2016 (Pinellas Park, FL)

After discovering the band Avatar from Göteborg, Sweden about six months ago, and thoroughly enjoying their catalog of music I had kept my eye out for when they had a show local to my area. My first taste of the band was the title track video for their most recent CD in 2014 “Hail the Apocalypse” and instantly I was drawn into not only the crushingly heavy and groovy music, but also their look and antics reminded me of dark and twisted vaudeville carnival characters. Although the likes of HELLYEAH and P.O.D. were headlining the seven band event, Avatar played third, which meant not that long of a set time, yet they were the band I went specifically to see. Promotional flyers for the show described Avatar as ‘terrifying Swedish death metal’, while the band’s own Facebook bio describes themselves as ‘A dark, twisted circus sideshow that’s built around bombastically grooving melodic death n’ roll and mesmerizing merriment’ This was a show I was not going to miss! Continue reading “Avatar / January 24, 2016 (Pinellas Park, FL)”

Winter Ale (Alaskan Brewing)

This year it seems as if winter ales have attempted to go myriad directions but have not seemed to really have an outstanding effort. Alaskan Brewing has created a Winter Ale that takes on a great many twists and turns of the old ale style without having to ratchet up the ABV of the beer.Winter Ale (Alaskan Brewing) Continue reading “Winter Ale (Alaskan Brewing)”

Striker PRO P1 Universal Gaming Headset

Polk Audio’s Striker PRO P1 headphones are designed to provide the best in terms of fit and wearability, ensuring that those marathoning a game session or listening to an extended podcast will be able to stay comfortable – the leather of the headphone keeps the top of one’s head comfortable while the soft earcups protect against rubbing. . The speakers of the headphones are able to reproduce music from a variety of genres, no matter whether the style is bass heavy or requiring delineation of multiple sets of vocals.Striker PRO P1 Universal Gaming Headset  The PRO P1 Universal Gaming Headset shines the brightest when one is conversing, coordinating strategy, or otherwise responding to discussions – the omni-directional microphone included here lets players key into the setting that makes them best heard while the mute button allows for a rapid switch-off when needing to listen to orders or talking to someone outside of the game/activity. Continue reading “Striker PRO P1 Universal Gaming Headset”

Super Snow Cap (Pyramid Brewery)

The winter warmer style provides one with a number of solid offerings, many of which have a considerable spice and sugar component. Super Snow Cap pours with a dark brown coloration and a decent amount of tannish/off-white head that sticks around for a decent time after an initial pour. Hints of dark fruits and wheat come forth in the brew’s initial nose, trends that will make themselves known as one takes their first sip of Pyramid’s current seasonal.Super Snow Cap (Pyramid Brewery) Continue reading “Super Snow Cap (Pyramid Brewery)”