Distorter (Greenbush Brewing)

Greenbush Brewing in Michigan has created a hybrid beer style in Distorter that links together the stout style with porters; Distorter pours with a dark brown to black coloration and a thick amount of tannish head that laces its way down a glass. This effort encapsulates the best of both worlds and creates a toasted, nutty flavor with a medium body that goes down incredibly easily. The beer steers away from the stickiness and cloying sweetness of a great many stouts while still calling forward hints of coffee, chocolate, tobacco and charred oak. Distorter (Greenbush Brewing)A slight amount of bitterness is present, refreshing imbibers’ palettes for subsequent sips of the stuff.

There are wide set of flavors that one will experience when drinking a bottle of Distorter. The beer contains a good amount of the aforementioned nuttiness through the inclusion of malts that imbue the effort with a constancy ensuring that individuals will be as pleased with the last few drinks of Distorter as they were when they initially opened the bottle. While smaller bits of caramel and milk sugar play at the periphery they add to the dominant flavors instead of standing apart in the brew – one will really need to examine this beer closely to see and taste some of the rarer elements that make themselves noticed.

Greenbush’s Distorter is an effort that I recommend anyone that is a fan of dark beers, porters, or stouts to search out and keep stocked in their refrigerators. Greenbush maintains a website that discusses their year round and seasonal offerings. One can keep up to date about the brewery’s new products and events on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Distorter is a year round beer.

Rating 9.4 / 10

Distorter (Greenbush Brewing)/ 7.2% ABV / http://www.greenbushbrewing.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/GreenbushBrewingCo/ / https://twitter.com/greenbush_brew

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