Port O’ Call (Uinta Brewing Company)

Port O’ Call is a belgian-style dark ale from Utah’s Uinta Brewing, giving imbibers a very deep set flavors. The beer pours with a dark coloration and a fair amount of off-white head. The large bottle size (750 mL) provides one with the opportunity to experience the shifting set of tastes that are experienced in a bottle of Port O’ Call. This means that note of banana,clove, sugar, and malt are presented alongside cognac and a more toasty flavor profile. A good hint of prunes and spices are ferried by the lighter mouth feel of this effort. Port O' Call (Uinta Brewing)Where many of the barrel-aged versions of beers feel like a Frankenstein’s Monster, fusing together the barrel flavor with the original twists and turns of the beer. What Uinta does here is successfully blend the tastes together, making for a cohesive set of flavors that feel seamless. 

The overall spirit of Port O’ Call takes on sweeter and maltier notes as the effort is allowed to reach room temperature. The slight bit of alcohol bite that is present during the first pour begins to fade as one continues to work on the beer, while raisin and bready notes become much more commonplace. The balance of Port O’ Call is kept no matter where one is at in the bottle, making this pair perfectly with sharp cheeses, roasted meats, or any hearty fare for the cold days and frigid nights of the winter season.

For more information about the full array of Uinta’s year-round and seasonal offerings, visit their website. The brewery’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are solid sources of events and new product offerings.  The Port O’ Call is distributed for a limited length of time, so pick up a bottle at your local beer store.

Rating: 8.8/10

Port O’ Call Uinta Brewing Company/ 9.4% ABV / http://www.uintabrewing.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/Uinta-Brewing-136640885735/ / https://twitter.com/UintaBrewing

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