Bon Appetit Reinvents Freezer Pizzas

Bon Appetit Pizza is the rare example of a frozen product that approximates a fresh equivalent. The company attempts to go and create pizzas that break free from the traditional styles that we have in the United States. we were able to experience their Spinaci pizza which had a fresher flavor component than other offerings on the market.Bon Appetit Spinaci Pizza

When we put a Bon Appetit pizza into a cast iron pan there was a butteriness and richness to the entree that is rare to receive from frozen pizzas. All Bon Appetit pizzas (Pepperoni & Pesto Pizza, Roasted Vegetable Pizza, and Trio Bacon Pizza) are about the same size as many of the frozen efforts on your local supermarket’s shelves but is done with a greater care and eye for quality meaning that one will not have to settle for the pizza in much the same fashion as they would if they have to heat a frozen entree for dinner.

Our recommendations as they always are for a frozen pizza are to go and kick them into high gear; use the frozen pizza as a palette upon which one can place additional toppings. For example on our Bon Appetit Spinaci pizza we added a number of pepperoni, an additional quarter cup of cheese, and a slew of snow-white mushrooms. When providing further materials to the top of the pizza make sure to add a few minutes in the oven to allow the added weight to cook properly. Even as a stock item, Bon Appetit pizzas would feed two people comfortably. Look for them around for around $6 to $10 at your local supermarket.

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Bon Appetit Pizza – Spinaci Pizza, Pepperoni & Pesto Pizza, Roasted Vegetable Pizza, and Trio Bacon Pizza / /  / /

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