Daniel Pye – Dawn is Night CD Review

Honesty is a richly-arranged track from Daniel Pye that is able to highlight smooth and forceful lyrics. The dynamic that is created between the thick and ropy bass line, the picking of the guitars, and the aforementioned vocals makes for something that will resound loudly in the minds and hearts of listeners long after the EP has ceased to play.Daniel Pye – Dawn is Night CD Review

Silence is a Remedy is little more than a man and his guitar, but the combination fo these two elements with a production style that makes it seem as if listeners are right there with Daniel makes this  effort all the more special.

No Place No Answer immediately blends together the approaches taken by the introductory one-two punch of Dawn is Night, making for a tender and folk-infused track. Slower and more intricate, this track showcases yet another facet of Daniel. When further instruments are added into the mix, the track gains a certain gravitas that colors the rest of the album.

The penultimate track on the Dawn is Night EP is Disillusions, an effort that builds upon the work of nineties alternative rock like the Meat Puppets and Fuel. Pye’s inimitable vocals and smart ear for some of the most complex and fitting instrumental arrangements make this another radio-ready effort, a further boost in momentum as the EP moves into Gone. Gone begins slow, adds a bit of martial drumming, and is able to send listeners upon a soul-searching journey. For more information about Daniel, the Dawn is Night EP, and any further information coming down the line, visit his Facebook; samples of his music can be found at his Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: Silence is a Remedy, No Place No Answer

Rating: 8.4/10

Daniel Pye – Dawn is Night CD Review / 2015 Self / 5 Tracks / https://www.facebook.com/danielpyemusic / https://danielpye.bandcamp.com/releases


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