Russell Foisy Interview 

Today, we are speaking with Florida’s Russell Foisy. Can you give us a little background information about yourself? How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started playing?

Hi James, thank you for the opportunity. I am a singer songwriter from Tarpon Springs, Florida, about 30 minutes from Tampa Florida. I had a dream and a goal to create my own cd of original lyrics and music. This dream has come true and the people I have met in person and through social media in incredible. I am a story teller in lyrics and I want my listener to hear the emotion in my singing ability. My style has remained true and dedicated to who I am.

Which artists are the greatest influences for you and your music? Is there a dream lineup of performers that you would like to perform with if given the chance?

My two favorite groups of all time ar Pink Floyd and The Eagles. The lyrics always discuss real life experience and current events. The voices are true with real meaning, I could only dream of performing with any of these musicians and artists. Rest in Peace Glenn Frey who just passed away last month.

Your Original Lyrics Dream full-length is out currently; what was the writing process for the release like?Artists_One_Show

I have a wonderful writing process, where there is no pressure to finish a song in a hour or a day. I break down and work carefully with the chorus or verse. When complete I call it my own. I use family, real life experience and current events as my motivation.

To get into a bit of the technical, what does your recording set up look like (what do you use to record, what are your favorite instruments)?

The recording studio we use is Clear Track Studios in Clearwater Florida  a great place with brilliant caring people. They have a sincere interest and want you to be successful.

I have worked with their engineer Spencer Bradham, Spencer also plays beautiful piano and is a vocalist and very blessed to be working with Kham Loraamm, Kham is a singer, songwriter, guitar and viloin

Throughout the last few months, you have kept busy. Can you give us some information about your accolades?Worldwide Radio Singles 2

Please visit my website for all the latest updates taking place. You can purchase my cd and merch, Kham’s cd and merch is also available as well. I have included some recent achievements, which I am very proud


Here are some of my recent highlights and more on My Border War video is on the home page

and I See the Light was #1 on the IMN Network in August 2015 December only almost 13,000 plays worldwide

Above is a new compliation cd from my record label Canadian American Records, CEO Joey Welz. Joey was involved at one time with Bill Haley and the Comets, the song Rock around the Clock. I have my songs I’ve Never Been Down and Border War on the cd, available to nearly 8000 radio stations

Which sort of social media website have you had the best successes with? What about these traditionally online services are different from the traditional face to face meeting that musicians utilize?

I am on facebook, two pages here with my Original Lyrics Dream page and our two person performance group fb page called Artists One Show,  twitter, you tube, instagram, reverbnation. For example on Reverbnation 1.4 million people has viewed my profile home page and I have almost 65,000 social media fans. You have to use social media to grow the brand, music has become more online based and it is a combination of perfecting your social media skills combined with the live performances.

What are your plans for 2016 and beyond?

I am in the studio right now recording my second cd with a projected release date of June. There will be 11 new songs and very different from the first one. It is very exciting creating a thought to a complete song. No better career feeling in the world. Then I will be working with Kham on his second cd .

How can interested NeuFutur readers locate samples of your music?

Please visit I tunes, cd baby, google play, amazon and also Reverbnation, please type in my name as the artist.

Finally, do you have any additional thoughts about life and the universe for our readers?

Life is wonderful, you can achieve anything you set your mind to obtain. There was a dream and goal one day I could record in studio and hold in my hand, my own cd. I am still very proud and the kind words and compliments on my music come from all over the world.

Thank you so much for your time.

Thank You James for the ability to speak to your readers. Have a great day.


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