New Mayans – Crimes

Universe is a deliberate track, showcasing the skills of the vocals, drums, and guitars of the band. While each of the elements works well on their own, they create a haunting set of melodies that will resound loudly with listeners long after this current EP spins to a close. Hints of new wave and 90s alternative can be discerned here, all while New Mayans forge boldly forth with their own unique style of music. Glue Boiler is a much more gritty and dirty sounding track that links together the works of Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, and Panic at the Disco! into an angular and frenetic single. The guitar, bass, and drum dynamic that is crafted through this track is delectable. Everything feels so punchy; New Mayans are able to have a production to Crimes that not only makes for a close and cozy sound but has each lick or drum beat resound loudly through the airwaves.

New Mayans - Crimes EP

Jezebel is the first track on the second half of the Crimes EP, and for our money may be our favorite. The intricate instrumental opening to the track immediately snap listeners to attention. The distinct vocals that issue forth soon after are reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, while the guitars kick into a Wolfmother-level sizzle. The track feels like a current day upgrade to the storied 80s Rolling Stones track Emotional Rescue, dovetailing nicely to the final gasp of the Crimes EP, an eponymous effort. The straight-forward rock meets alternative fuzz is used to great effect at the concluding moments of this release, never giving listeners a breadth until the band concludes their final note of the extended play. The story told here on Crimes is as dense and detailed as bands can do on a full-length, a good sign for this act.

Top Tracks: Glue Boiler, Universe, Jezebel

Rating: 8.2/10

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Anger (Greenbush Brewing)

Anger is a black India Pale Ale from Michigan’s Greenbush Brewing, a rare example of a Black IPA done right as it actually has the bitterness that is required to make a solid foray into the style. Where a number of black IPAs suffer is in the blends of malts and hops, something that is mastered by Greenbush. The beer pours with a dark brown to black coloration and a small amount of off-white to tannish head. The nose of Anger is sharp and assertive, recreated when one delves into the beer. The bitterness is first experienced when one takes a quaff of anger while a toasted flavor is given to the beer by the inclusion of malts. Hints of pine, caramel, coffee and chocolate can be picked up as one moves into the middle point of Anger, while tastes of cherry and orange play at the periphery. Continue reading “Anger (Greenbush Brewing)”

Loren Smith – “Break Free (The Late Night Mix)”

Loren Smith has made a special track that touches upon R&B and the beat poet style to make for something tremendously special. The inclusion of Jeremiah Blue laying down poetry alongside the tender keys of Smith establish this single as wholly different from efforts currently on radio rotation .“Break Free (The Late Night Mix)” Feat. Jeremiah Blue The harmonies that Loren weaves into the first half of “Break Free” will imprint themselves deep into the minds and hearts of listeners, while fans will need to spin the cut multiple times to hear all of the twists and turns that Jeremiah has inserted.


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Diono Buggy Tech Tote

One of the most major complaints that one has while they are walking with the stroller is the sheer paucity of space that is present on the device. There is a major concern about the balance of bags or other material being placed on the back arms of a stroller, something that means that most parents and caretaker as well be uncomfortable rather than having their full attention paid to the child. To counteract this problem, Diono has created the Buggy Tech Tote, a device that is well balanced that will let individuals safely place electronic and other devices on a stroller all while keeping the accessibility of those items.Diono Buggy Tech Tote

The Buggy Tech Tote is made of a durable fabric that will weather storms and whatever condition that one keeps their stroller in and will do exceptionally well thrown in a garage or in the trunk of a car. The placement process of the Tech Tote is simply easy, meaning that the process for attaching to the stroller is a cakewalk. The Tech Tote is deceptively large inside meaning that one can place a cell phone or tablet along with the child’s toys, changes and other day to day requirements. The latest from Diono is something that One needs to include with their stroller for the ability to go and grab the things of greatest import as the process of digging underneath a stroller or requiring oneself / significant other to hold the items the entirety of a trip is uncomfortable if not downright unfeasible.

For a full array of information about what the other provides visit their website. Additional information and new product announcements are located at the company’s social media profiles. Let us know what you think about the Diono Buggy Tech Tote.

Rating: 9.0/10


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Smistletoe (Smuttynose)

Smistletoe, Smuttynose’s take on a biere de garde, pours with a vibrant pink coloration. Smuttynose is celebrating winter with a delectable beer that possesses a number of sweet, tart and refreshing aspects. Smistletoe is the perfect sort of festive beer in that no two sips will be exactly alike. There is a light body to this that ferries a wide set of tastes whether by cherries, white grapes and even strawberries.Smistletoe (Smuttynose)

A fair amount of malt is offered to imbue Smistletoe with further depth while the beers effervescence makes for something that will be drained immediately. The alcohol content of the beer is hidden to such a degree that a bottle of Smistletoe will be polished off in the space of about a half hour. As the effort is allowed to warm, different notes become dominant. There is a sweeter body to Smistletoe while hints of grain and wheat can be picked out at this later point. Pepperiness and a dry taste peppers later sips, while the slight amount of hops that were present at the onset of the beer withdraw to allow for dark fruit and cherry elements to increase in prominence. This continually shifting and changing flavor profile is what individuals need to have their experience end as strongly as it began.

Smistletoe is available on a yearly basis and represents one of our favorite Smuttynose offerings. For more information about myriad Smuttynose offerings including their bitterness, pairings and other information visit their main domain. New product announcements are available on their social media profiles. Check out our coverage of Smoked Peach Short Weisse ,  Imperial StoutHayseedRhye IPAParadoXReally Old Dog,DurtyKindest FindOktoberfest,  Bouncy House and Cherry Short Weisse.

Rating 9.6/10

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Maxo Kream – “Big Worm”

Last week, gravel-voiced emcee Maxo Kream tore up his home state of Texas with several high profile shows and one notable brawl at SXSW. Tonight, Maxo rolls to the Big Apple, opening for British artists D Double E and Darq E Freaker at Palisades in Brooklyn. In preparation for his upcoming show, Maxo synthesizes the sounds of Southwest Houston with the sound of South London on the Grime-flavored “Big Worm,” premiered by The FADER. The Ryan ESL production hypnotically mutates Wiley’s pinging “Morgue” instrumental, adding some skittering snares and hi-hats, while Maxo plays up the song’s title by rattling off bars referencing characters from the Ice Cube classic Friday : “Run-off that’s okey dokey, don’t play with my money, Smokey/ Drive-by we shooting weapons, Big Worm come through collectin’.”ce84daca-2761-492b-a3ab-14cc75e70ce0 Continue reading “Maxo Kream – “Big Worm””

Bobble Head Red IPA (Coronado Brewing Company)

Coronado Brewing Company’s Bobble Head Red IPA has a perfect blend of malts and hops, creating a richness to the effort that is hard to deny. Despite a pretty heavy amount of hops (65 IBU), Bobble Head is not too bitter nor is it too wheaty; there is something that fans of the India Pale Ale (IPA) style can appreciate. What results in this Coronado effort is a great balance, something that could be sipped on its own or paired nicely with various types of light fare. Continue reading “Bobble Head Red IPA (Coronado Brewing Company)”

Mexicali Stout (Birdsong Brewing)

Birdsong Brewing has released a few efforts that have made it into cans. One of their limited time engagements is their Mexicali Stout. This offering is bar none one of the best spiced stouts that we have ever tasted. The brewery utilizes coffee along with just a hint of chile spice to create something that is tasty, refreshing and will ultimately go well with a wide variety of cuisine as well as shine when one drinks it alone. Continue reading “Mexicali Stout (Birdsong Brewing)”

Barrel Chested Barleywine (Upland Brewery)

Barley wines are a very complex beast and seems like no two are exactly alike. It is this personality of style that makes us excited whenever we can get a new barleywine for review in NeuFutur. We’ve had strongly flavored/hopped barleywines and fruit based ones in the course of the last few months, so we were excited to see that Barrel Chested by Bloomington, Indiana’s Upland Brewing utilized bourbon barrels to provide an additional layer of flavor to the beer. The assertiveness of the bourbon barrel works well with the broad fruit and malt components that are dominant during the early sections of the barleywine. While there is a pretty high amount of alcohol is present here, the astringent burn that may be ferried to the beer is not. Barrel Chested Barleywine This strong and assertive opening fades slightly;  any sharpness of the alcohol is subsumed into the overall tapestry that is present with Barrel Chested.

This is just a big beer full of intense personality and as a result what would normally seem to be astringent, boozy or otherwise rough-hewn becomes a masterful work. The medium mouth feel of barrel chested is something thats strays away from the heaviness of a porter or a stout while presenting some of the bounciness of an India Pale Ale. By taking bits and bobs from a wide variety of different styles, Upland creates something otherworldly with their Barrel Chested. The complexity of the effort ensures that individuals will continually experience different twists and turns, meaning that coffee and malt one time will yield ground to dark fruit elements the next, and butterscotch and pepper a third time. A delectable beer all around and one that we would love to experience on the regular. We reviewed Upland’s Oktoberfest in late 2015.

Rating: 9.5/10

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