Bobble Head Red IPA (Coronado Brewing Company)

Coronado Brewing Company’s Bobble Head Red IPA has a perfect blend of malts and hops, creating a richness to the effort that is hard to deny. Despite a pretty heavy amount of hops (65 IBU), Bobble Head is not too bitter nor is it too wheaty; there is something that fans of the India Pale Ale (IPA) style can appreciate. What results in this Coronado effort is a great balance, something that could be sipped on its own or paired nicely with various types of light fare.

Bobble Head Red IPAThe snap of the IPA after the opening of a bomber is refreshing getting one amped up for the flavors to follow. The beer pours with a mahogany brown to reddish coloration and a fair amount of tannish head that is slow to dissipate. As the beer continues to warm to room temperature the overall flavor profile of Bobble Head begins to change. The hops that were dominant at the beginning of this effort start to fade ever so slightly, yielding grounds to the toasted malt elements and bit of sweet taste that is enough to reinvigorate one’s taste buds. The ABV of the spear is perfect; that there is a slight bit of alcohol burn that is present but is not ratcheted up to the degree that the more fleeting flavors are dwarfed by an alcohol burn.

Bobble Head is a limited time release for Coronado so make sure to search around your local neighborhood beer store for your very own bottle when it becomes available. A full lineup of the different Coronado beers available can be accessed at the brewery’s web page, while the brewery’s social media profiles are a god send in regards to discussions of new products, events and anything else that may be announced on a day to day basis by Coronado. We have reviewed Coronado’s 17th Anniversary Ale , Stupid Stout 2014 and 2015 in the last few years.

Rating 8.5/10

Bobble Head Red IPA / Coronado Brewing Company /  8.0% ABV / / /

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