Jesse W Johnson Primal Scream EP Review

Jesse W Johnson’s Primal Scream EP begins with the titular effort, an insistent type of rock that builds upon the framework of Placebo and dusty desert rock. The intense guitar work and immersive instrumentation will immediately interest listeners can keep them focused in as Johnson moves into Fucked Up First. The challenging time signatures of Fucked Up First benefits from a ropy bass line and a deft blend of indie, folk-punk, and rock. The inclusions of strings into the mix showcase a wholly different side to Johnson, keeping the momentum of the Primal Scream EP high as listeners begin in on Why Aren’t We In L.A.?. This effort slows things down and showcases a more tender and wistful Johnson. By putting the instrumentation front and center, Jesse is able to make something special. Hints of Death Cab For Cutie and Modest Mouse can be picked up here.a4067461815_10
The track’s dynamism is one of its key strengths, meaning that the overall constellation of instruments and vocals are distinct from the beginning to the end. Moving into the second half of the Primal Scream EP, Johnson’s Springfield Supportive Living is a composition that establishes an otherworldly atmosphere from the onset. A crunchy, grunge-influenced drum and guitar dynamic keeps things interesting at this late point, with Johnson’s extended instrumental interlude providing listeners the fuel that they need to move into the EP’s final composition, Expecting to Fall. This concluding effort to Primal Scream is a cozy track that winds things down gently while touching upon the wide variety of genres and styles that had been presented previously on this release. A comprehensive look into a new and exciting performer.
Top Tracks: Why Aren’t We In L.A.?, Expecting to Fall

Rating: 8.5/10

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