Pockets – Ten Different Names

The style of rock that is created by Pockets ties together psychedelic, Iggy Pop meets Velvet Underground NYC rock, and Brit-pop in a cohesive package. A multi-layered approach to the band’s latest single Ten Different Names is enough to make listeners stand up and take note. Echoing guitars, bold vocals, and perfectly punctual drums make for something that stands up to repeat listens. The production laid down by John Tomaino is solid enough to allow these distinct styles and elements to shine brightly on their own while contributing to a cohesive and compelling composition. 

Pockets - Ten Different Names

The brief instrumental interlude that immediately precedes the conclusion of Ten Different Names is great for two reasons. First off, it establishes Pockets as an act that is talented musically. The act is able to come forth and keep listeners hanging on every note, even as the average tendency for a radio music fan is to tune out the second that the vocals drop out. Secondly, Pockets gains serious momentum as the end of the track hurtles ever nearer.

While Ten Different Names comes and goes well before the five-minute mark, the interplay between the numerous pieces and parts during the single will have the single resounded loudly in the minds and hearts of listeners. Never one to rest on their laurels, Pockets is able to create something that is tremendously familiar but ultimately unique. It bodes well that the band is able to create such a confident facade during their early time together as a band. Here is to hoping that follow-ups to Ten Different Names will contain the same driving desire to innovate along with the raw technical ability to make something siultaneously sound as if it is from the 1970s, 1990s, and 2010s.

Pockets – Ten Different Names / 2016 Self / https://www.facebook.com/pocketsOfficial

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