Red Evelyn 2015 (Black Shirt Brewing Company)

The 2015 edition of Red Evelyn, Black Shirt Brewing’s imperial red rye IPA (india pale ale) has a distinctive and deep set of flavors that go far beyond what one typically expects when they belly up to a bar for a hoppy brew. The red side of things is given life through the inclusion of an ample portion of malt which shakes up the overall palette of this effort. Outside hints of floral and tropical hops, Red Evelyn adds a bit of wheat and toast into the brew. The 10% ABV of the 2015 Red Evelyn is hidden masterfully by Black Shirt, making for a strong and assertive effort that does not reach out to an extreme in any direction. The beer is something that fans of the India Pale Ale style can appreciate. The loud (but ultimately harmonious) chorus of different tastes and flavors is enough for individuals that are fans of other styles to appreciate. There is a subtle shift in the tastes that one will experience as they move into the second half of the bomber meaning that a larger amount of sweet notes can be discerned as the bitter elements fade slightly into the periphery.Picture property of SARAH STROHL, Red Evelyn

The presence of a good amount of malt is enough to keep the overall flavor profile consistent throughout all points. While there are different segments to the beer, every twist and turn that one experiences is bolstered through the continued snap of the hops and deeper elements contributed by the malt. For a full set of information about the different efforts that the Black Shirt Brewery creates along with updates regarding new beers that they produce and events that the company is holding in the Denver area give their social media websites and main domain a spin.

Rating 9.0/10

Red Evelyn 2015 / Black Shirt Brewing Company / 10% ABV / /

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