Small Town Sound “For Mama” EP

Whiskey is the first track off of the For Mama EP by Oklahoma’s Small Town Sound, providing fans with an intricate and soulful style that blends together equal amounts alternative, singer-songwriter, and even country styles. The act’s vibrancy kicks into high gear shortly after the track begins; Small Town Sound is able to showcase the allure of alcohol with the somber (sober) beginning and the eclectic, energy-filled second section (after the narrator has had a few). Racing To You utilizes a harmonica to further vary up the band’s unique sound. The vocal/harmonica dynamic is pushed to an entirely higher plateau with a fantastic guitar line and a scintillating drum line. One can easily imagine the four tracks that comprise the For Mama EP getting radio rotation; fans of the Goo Goo Dolls and Wallflowers can find something to appreciate here.Small Town Sound "For Mama"

Tailgate is a cut full of passion and raw emotion. The close and cozy sound of Small Town Sound here will have listeners feeling as if they are sitting in a small room just hearing the members of the band laying down their heart and soul. This is tremendously effecting music, and nowhere is this better heard than in For Mama’s final track, Harder Times. The band’s arrangements here are deliberate, establishing a specific mood for the composition that acts not only as a perfect ending to the EP but as something that will stoke the fire of all of the new fans they’ve garnered over the course of the previous tracks. This eminently-singable song will have fans hanging on every word, all while the guitars and bass create something special. Few EPs are able to provide such a comprehensive introduction to a band, but I feel like I share something with Small Town Sound after playing this release a few times. Check it out.

Top Tracks: Racing To You, Harder Times

Rating: 8.3/10

Small Town Sound “For Mama” EP / 2016 Self / 4 Tracks / / /

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