Cappello’s Sheep’s Milk Cheese Pizza

The Cappello’s Sheep’s Milk Cheese Pizza allows somebody that may be allergic or sensitive to gluten the opportunity to have something that tastes as if it was cooked at the local pizza shop. The company has created a frozen medium-sized pizza and has included in ample amounts of sheep’s milk cheese. The thickness of the crust allows for a little bit of crispiness as well as chewiness representing the best of both worlds.Cappello’s Sheep’s Milk Cheese Pizza

The sheep’s cheese used in this Cappello’s offering provides a sharpness and brightness to the pizza that offsets the richness of the sauce and the dough. Cappello’s pizza will fill 2 people comfortably and can be located at a wide variety of your local food stores as well as from the company themselves. The pizza cooks up nicely with a crusty crust and silky she’s experienced.

While the pizza succeeds on its own and one can very easily eat it straight out of the box, we had great success when we put mushrooms and onions on top – perhaps the company will add in future product line expansions in the future. As it is, we have received the cheese and the goat cheese variants of their pizza and the company also offers fresh pasta –lasagna, fettuccine, and lasagna sheets. For more information about the process that Capello’s utilizes as well as the full listing of the products that they offer visit their website or social networking programs. Expect to pay about $7-$10 for each of the Cappello’s pizzas from a store or $140 shipped  (the company packs well and includes dry ice to ensure that the temperature is consistently cold through the entirety of the trip). The pizza line from Cappello’s is paleo friendly, gluten-free, and does not possess any grain content to it.

Rating 8.8 / 10

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